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    Default Re: Woman痴 house burned down by snake she set on fire

    A guy I used to work with told us the story of how, when he was quite young, he and his cousin would put gas on the tail feathers of chickens and light them on fire just to see them run around madly in total fear. They hadn't ran out of chickens before they lit one on fire and it ran into his uncles barn which of course immediately caught on fire and burnt to the ground. Suitable punishment for the period resulted...

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    Default Re: Woman痴 house burned down by snake she set on fire

    I have heard of homebrew biodiesel fires. People trying to save a few bucks (and save the planet) by collecting used vegetable oil, then brewing homebrew biodiesel...

    If done in a detached shed, sometimes the fire can be limited to just the one shed.

    If done in a basement or otherwise attached garage, inevitably the whole house becomes a raging inferno.

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    Default Re: Woman痴 house burned down by snake she set on fire

    Some people are very cruel.

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    Default Re: Woman痴 house burned down by snake she set on fire

    In times of drought we burn prickly pear for cattle to eat, cattle love it. Well our neighbor brought a 105.00 bale of hay out to pasture for the cattle to eat and help keep them from crowding him while he burned pear. Well he started burning pear fairly close to the bale. A rat came of the pear on fire and you guessed ran straight the bale of hay...poof 105.00 gone.
    On the flip side I have killed many a rattle snake with a torch burning pear,usually they coil up and try to strike and i pour the heat to them.

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