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    Default Re: Animals in the house

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Fowler View Post
    Same here, $47 for one application to a small city sized lot. Between me and BIL yard size is about 600 feet x 400 or more. Attached is a winter photo of the yard and pond area between us.
    Yea...I agree.....there are some other products out there as well.....not sure of price. I was just wondering if anybody has used these types of products.....I wonder how effective???
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    Default Re: Animals in the house

    Quote Originally Posted by kneedeep View Post
    I always heard if you keep it clean and short grass around the house or pond, it helps to keep rodents and snakes down since they like cover and its easier for raptors to get them in the open.
    If that worked, I don't think we would have any snakes out there in the desert!

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    Default Re: Animals in the house

    A young female spaded cat,, I find little dead copper heads snakes laying on the driveway all the time.. 8 to 10 inches long that she kills,, also squirrels,, its not my cat belongs to a little boy next door.. she also kicks the poodle bootie on the other side.. I think this cat don't like snakes, squirrels or poodles.. Lou
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    Default Re: Animals in the house

    I'm guessing a pet mongoose is out of the question?

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    Default Re: Animals in the house

    Glad he saw the snake first that could have been a disaster!!! My outside cats are deadly on snakes but we only have non venomous variety's. I dont know if they are immune to venomous ones or not but probably not. I know a guy with a Jack Russel terrier and he was naturally deadly on everything that moves in his yard up until a rattler killed him.

    Moral of the story I guess is if it can kill you it can kill an animal so Id use a mechanical method to slow them down.
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