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    Default Propane Hauler

    The stupidity of some people amaze me.
    Imagine the disaster of a rear end collision or broken strap with a 100 lb. propane tank becoming airborne.

    I should have blocked the truck and called the sheriff. Spotted at a local gas station yesterday.

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    Default Re: Propane Hauler

    As a retired LEO and a firefighter, I shiver when I see this level of stupidity. Do these people not see the risk they put the public and themselves in? I also question where they get the LP and that provider's oversight of the transportation method. This is Haz Mat people, wake up!
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    Default Re: Propane Hauler

    Most of the vendors don't know any better around my neck of the woods. You can exchange those tanks at the truck stop up the road. The kids that work there are trained to run the register and thats it Would be really suprised if they actually looked to see what the person did with the tank after they locked the storage area back up.

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    Default Re: Propane Hauler

    yeah, very dumb & selfish way to carry the tank for the safety of others (& to carrier). at least to his behalf, the tank was transported vertically (a state law at least in mine)...another safety issue...if he had "broken" the safety code (for my state of arkansas) & carried it horizontally inside the vehicle rather than as illustrated, would it have been safer for driver & others? just a rhetorical safety question...when filling my 100# tanks, i have to carry them according to code (vertically)...what are the safety issues transporting propane tanks horizontally? something about valve failure? does this apply to acetylene & O2 tanks too? i always abide w/o question, & do not endorse in any way transporting tanks horizontally (although i did many years ago unknowingly before the vertical transport law went into effect.... the challenge carrying tanks vertically is stability & tie down as in this case, plus location! reckless homeowners push the safety envelope. just a thought glad no one was hurt.
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    Default Re: Propane Hauler

    Agreed. That's really an unsafe way to carry a propane tank.

    If I was behind that truck, I'd pass it the first chance I got.
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