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    two days ago an old (80 years +- 2 years) retired farmer/cattle rancher was using his old international tractor (which has about 43 pto hp) and no brakes for the last two years, and his dump cart to clean around the barn. He backed up against the rotten 8 inch tree which is used as a bumper at the top of a 50 to 60 foot shear drop-off and of course the bumper broke and over the edge he went. Luckily at around 10 feet from the top the front axle caught against a tree which held the tractor (almost vertical) however since he had no seatbelt he kept on going and landed at the almost bottom of the drop. Luckily it was low tide and there was no water. He was found a couple hours later (yelling for help) by a passer-by and was rushed to the hospital with only a broken leg. He was very lucky and is recovering somewhat nicely for an old cranky codger.

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    Man, how many times I've been told' "don't need brakes, I'll just drop the loader"

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    Kubmech said: Man, how many times I've been told' "don't need brakes, I'll just drop the loader"

    Sounds like the old joke, popular near the Mex border, refering to vehicle safety. Hey man, brakes O R horn, you don't need both!

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