This story was in the Weimar (Texas) Mercury newspaper:

Farm Safety Week Set Sept. 18-24
Agriculture is the second most dangerous industry in the United States. Over 700 farmers and ranchers die in work related accidents annually.
Farmers and ranchers have a large role to play in securing the nation's food supplies, water resources and farm chemicals.
This week is a time to thank all farmers and ranchers for their hard work and sacrifice in their contributions to providing goods for the world.
The week should also remind farmers and ranchers to focus on safety issues, especially where children and young adults work to perform farming duties.
Safe farming practices should be implemented and practiced.
Some suggestions include the following - installation of the Rollover Protection system (ROPS) including retrofits for older tractors; preventing "slip and fall" injuries by keeping work surfaces dry and using slip proof treads; and promoting visibility on rural roadways using well-maintained SMV emblems and appropriate lights on farm equipment.
By working closely with organizations and agencies concerned about agricultural and rural safety and health.
Our nation will continue to be the recognized leader in the production of agricultural commodities.
The Colorado County Farm Bureau, Colorado Soil and Water Conservation District, Columbus Tourism, Texas Cooperative Extension - Colorado County, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board - Regional Office, Texas Parks and Wildlife, USDA Farm Service Agency - Colorado County, USDA Natural Resource Service join the National Safety Council in working toward the goal of a safer farm and ranch community in Colorado County.

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