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    Quick Hitches NH 275 square baler problems

    My NH 275 square baler has new pickup fingers on it, but now the pickup cage won't rotate when I rotate the flywheel. The plunger, feeder carriage, knotter, etc all work, but the pickup cage just...
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    NH 275 square baler

    I have been replacing the pick-up fingers on my New Holland 275 baler, and have discovered that the After Market replacement fingers I bought are not the right ones. They look almost identical, but...
  3. Re: New Holland 275 square baler pickup fingers

    I finally figured out that the reason the old ones wiggled was because they were worn. The new ones are snug. Thanks.
  4. New Holland 275 square baler pickup fingers

    I use an old New Holland square baler, model 275, and I need to replace some of the pickup fingers. My problem is that when I install the new one, I have a hard time getting it adjusted so that it...
  5. Mid-Mount Mower Farmall B needs belly mower lift levers, etc...

    My Farmall B, which I have used only for pulling a hay rake, needs to have the equipment that I would need to attach a mid-mount finish mower. The tractor is stripped down, and has no levers,...
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    A decent seat for Farmall B

    My Farmall B tractor has a buckboard with a pan seat, which is hard on an old boy. I need help finding some seat for this tractor.
    Thanks for any help.
Results 1 to 6 of 6
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