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    Re: Broken HST/ No Reverse= HUGE $ to Fix!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread as it reminds me of how my brother and I operate. We're both engineers. I'm a civil/structural engineer that is mainly design based with calculations and...
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    Load Rear Tires with Cast-Iron rims?

    I'm planning on purchasing an M7040HD that has cast iron rear rims. I've always loaded the rear tires and am not sure if I need to with the cast iron rims. It's included in the price to load the...
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    M7040HD-1 Satisfaction?

    Hi. I'm new here and would like to know how happy the owners are with their M40 Series Kubota's, specifically the HD-1 line, not the SU line? I've been looking hard at the John Deere 5075E, the...
  4. Comparison Help deciding between John Deere 5075E and Kubota M7040?

    The 4wd M7040 with open cab, 8F/8R hydraulic shuttle, loaded rears, 4 plates, brushguard and canopy and 30 rears is coming in at $29500. The 5075E set up the same except 28 rears and 12f/12r shuttle...
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