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  1. Re: Help! My front yard is kicking my butt! Bushhogging uphill

    Call your local Ventrac dealer for a demo. The Ventrac Dual tire 4000 series tractor will solve your problem. I also maintain steep slopes on my farm in GA. Have a Kubota 2910, but never felt safe...
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    Tiller Re: Tillers; Why buy anything but County Line?

    I've had a 5 foot Bush Hog for 19 years. Tilling GA clay. Replaced the tines a couple of times but that's it other than routine maintenance. I use it about 20 hours a season.
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    Buying Advice Re: need a flail mower

    I have a JD 25A / 78" cut. Nice for mowing fence lines and around trees as it extends beyond the right rear wheel about 12". It works well behind my Kubota 2910 / 30HP. If you don't have a FEL you...
Results 1 to 3 of 3
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