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    Re: Cement Mixers / Concrete Mixers

    Electric mixer all the way. If a job requires more than a few sacks I have two options:

    1. A truck of ready-mix, or

    2. A trailer of ready-mix.

    Around here we have rental yards that also...
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    Re: Trusses delivered - problems

    1. I don't know how big of a deal this might be, but I would be concerned about any significant amount of mud left on the trusses holding water against them long term and promoting rot.

  3. Re: Good vs Poor Wells - What makes a well a good well?

    Whenever the discussion turns to wells, I always like to start an analysis from the back of the water supply issue.

    We have a 4 bedroom house and the county required a 350 gallon per day septic...
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    Re: Battery Specifications?

    I have had to change the battery once on my Deere. It took an ordinary car battery from an auto parts store. I just got the best grade of their house brand battery and it has lasted for years.
  5. Re: Trenching water lines pex vs. poly vs.soil with no rock vs. lots of rocks

    This is the right answer.
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    Re: County Water Pressure Too High

    I would splurge and go up to a 1" pressure regulator, even if the supply line is smaller than that. A pressure regulator can turn into a serious flow restriction under high demand situations.
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    Re: I need a super bright LED spotlight

    This DeWalt spotlight is not cheap, but it will easily light up objects, cars and people at 1/8 mile, which is only a little over 200 yards. DEWALT DCL43 2V MAX Jobsite LED Spotlight - - ...
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    Re: Large poly water storage tank question-

    I would not go in a tank without providing some kind of positive ventilation.

    People have been known to die in that kind of situation.
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    Re: All electric house and a generator

    This is a great idea. We have heat pumps and a propane emergency generator, but enough power to run the heat pumps is just not available.

    We cut back our lifestyle when the main power is out, we...
  10. Re: Is it worth it to have more than the minumum car insurance?

    I have a $5 Million umbrella policy. It only costs a little more than the $1 Million policy. The real, practical reason is that in any serious claim the insurance company will send their "A" team of...
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    Re: TSC never keeps their stock up!!!!!

    I have started getting all my jeans and shirts from Amazon.

    If I go into any store, I have to sort thorough a stack to find the few they have in my size. At Amazon I just order the size I need...
  12. Re: Broken grease zerk extractor tool recomendation?

    In general, I have had more success with the screw extractors with a square cross-section than with the spiral ones.

    Like these, but there are many brands: Century Drill and Tool 73214 Square...
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    Re: How To Plumb Well Water Lines for 2 Homes

    I handled a very long run from the well to my house by putting a pressure tank and the well pump controller in a small "well house" at the well.

    There is a second pressure tank in the main house,...
  14. Re: Organizing a MESS of Ethernet, Video & Phone wires.

    This might not help the OP, but anyone else reading this thread will benefit.

    When I designed our house I looked at the office building I worked in and copied what they did. The upper floor is...
  15. Re: Tenants and Fireplaces, Wood and Pellet Stoves

    When I installed security cameras in a 4-plex, we had to access the attic to run cables. We discovered that about 15 years previously a tenant had put their garbage in the attic rather than taking it...
  16. Re: Do you have issues with your new Ford SuperDuty?

    Was out of town for a while, so a delayed response.

    1st tow: alternator failure; replaced batteries and alternator

    2nd tow: Turbo/intake system failure; replaced tube in intake system

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    Re: Rotary Laser levels

    Self leveling is so much easier, and it is faster.

    I have a Bosch that is about 5 years old, and the only real issue is calibrating it takes hours. Some of that is operator inexperience, but some...
  18. Re: Do you have issues with your new Ford SuperDuty?

    Well, as a counterexample, I bought a 2004 6.0l Powerstroke F250 4years ago. I have about 75k miles and I put about 5k miles per year on it. Not a lot, and maybe this is the problem.

    Anyway, I...
  19. Re: Do you have issues with your new Ford SuperDuty?

    It really depends what the OP wants it for.

    If it is for show, wait for the big model change.

    If he wants it to haul stuff and tow stuff, I would far rather have the last of a long production...
  20. Re: Tenants and Fireplaces, Wood and Pellet Stoves

    Tenants are tenants because they do not know how to take care of a lot of things. IMHO you have to take some responsibility for this because you left the cord of green pine there. What did you expect...
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    Re: John Deere 4410 tow in adjustment

    The best penetrating oil I know of is a 50/50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid.

    I would mix some up and try that before I put any heat on it. Once you have used it, you will never...
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    Re: Internet Dish Wiring

    I call BS on this.

    I have the same kind of internet. The base transmitter/receiver is on a tower and is omnidirectional. Hundreds of individual customer dishes access the same tower. The customer...
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    Re: Rotting deck, porch, or piazza

    One of the few things left we can treat wood with is borax. There is a commercial product called Tim-Bor used to treat wood, or you can mix up a solution of good old 20 mule team Boraxo and soak the...
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    Re: Well Drilled - Results

    I would strongly recommend upgrading from brass to stainless check valves. The extra cost is going to be very small, maybe an extra $10 each. The brass ones installed with my original well were...
  25. Re: Newly purchased John Deere 950 maintenance prior to use?

    Please don't take a tire off if you think they might be loaded. They are very heavy, and unstable. You can easily be injured or killed if that much weight falls on you. Even unloaded, I am very...
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    Re: Help! Water under newly laid flagstones

    When I attached natural stone to concrete I used an "acrylic admix" to promote bonding between the stone and the mortar. 3 years and all is holding.

    The other thing we did was to wash the stone...
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    Re: Well Drilled - Results

    Think about it this way. We built a 4 bedroom house and had an extra-large septic system installed. It rates for 350 gallons per day. That is just a hair under 0.25 gpm. This is all of the water a...
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    Re: About To Drill Well - Have Some Questions

    I think the Schedule 120 1.25" PVC pipe is good.

    When I look at the specs, Schedule 80 PVC is probably adequate, but the extra cost of the schedule 120 is not that big and provides a greater...
  29. Re: I think I have screwed up on my Gravel Drive

    The pictures I see are not 3/4" minus or 1/2" minus. Around here they are what would be called "crushed clean" where the fines have been washed out of the rock.

    I would check the invoice the see...
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    Re: catastrophic rim failor

    There is a sure clue that something is going wrong in your pictures.

    There is a witness mark in white paint on the heads of the lug bolts. This was placed when the lugs were originally torqued. ...
  31. Re: Maybe old hat for you serious welders but saw this at my LWS

    Has the advent of LED lights, with much longer battery life, changed that at all?
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    Re: RV dump station convenience

    Look up "RV macerator" or "RV macerator pump" which is a gadget that will pump the contents of your holding tank out though a 3/4" hose.

    They are in the $100-$200 range and will even let you pump...
  33. Re: Tractors and Grease . . how to make it less messy.

    Rubber gloves from Costco help a lot.

    I bring an empty cardboard box and a roll of paper towels with me, when the towels get greasy, put them in the box.

    Another tool I use is a 16d nail. It...
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    Re: Dump trailer vs. utility trailer

    I have never regretted for a second getting my 6' x 12' dump trailer.

    I fact, I would highly recommend going up to this size. Mine rates at 9990 lbs gross, which is more than any of your tow...
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    Re: About To Drill Well - Have Some Questions

    The pricing seems very good compared to Southern Oregon, which would be about 1.5 times that cost. Grundfos is a well-known reputable manufacturer of well pumps.

    What is the use for the well?...
  36. Thread: 4wd or 2wd?

    by CurlyDave

    Re: 4wd or 2wd?

    I have gravel drives on my property and the only concrete is right in front of the garage and garage floor.

    If I forget and leave it in 4WD when I put it in the garage, the front tires leave black...
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    Re: Your best Truck & Your Wost

    No contest.

    All time worst has been the 2004 F250 with the 6.0 liter diesel. Bought it used 3 years ago as a hunting rig -- tow the trailer up to camp and then drive it around to hunt from. Not...
  38. Re: Best way to stuff 6AWG wire in 2AWG Anderson style quick connect

    The big problem with soldering is that the solder wicks up the wire strands and stiffens the wire. The end of the solder wick area will inevitably fail under vibration. Essentially the wire without...
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    Re: Gasoline - Ethanol or Non-Ethanol

    As much as I can I use nothing but non-alcohol premium treated with a triple dose of Sta-Bil in all small engines. It has never failed me yet. Put the additive in before you fill the can and it...
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    Re: Looking for a string trimmer. Any opinions?

    Just this afternoon I got a Husqvarna 223L for $220. There is a promotion right now and they are usually $260. So it fits right in your price range. Weight was claimed to be 9 lbs, which I think is...
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    Re: Need Advice on Building a Rock Wall Garden

    I have built the stack block walls before and they are fast & easy if you can afford them.

    If you have enough local rocks available, that is a less costly way to go, and I think it looks more...
  42. Re: Need help choosing between these two pressure washers.

    When you use it for washing grease off of equipment you need to be aware that the grease is not transported to the 4 th dimension. It comes off the tractor and stays on the ground. The blobs might be...
  43. Re: Gas on-demand Water Heater for one washing machine?

    I very rarely wash anything in warm water. Only cold water washes for me.
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    Re: Question for all backhoe owners

    Plywood is your friend.

    I would pile the dirt on ply and get a couple of extra sheets to set the backhoe on. Especially under the outriggers. Scrap ply works just fine, or OSB.
  45. Re: Building new home. Question for contractors / home builders about foundation / s

    I have seen it done both ways.

    The advantage to a continuous pour is that the concrete in the slab on top of the footer adds to the strength of the footer. OTOH if the footer only has to be 4"...
  46. Re: Compare types of gravel and alternatives for roadway repair

    I am a retired old geezer, but if my buddy wants to go fishing on Wednesday and I have Tuesday to work on the driveway that alone is worth $12.

    * * * * *

    P.S. He has a boat.
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    Re: Memorial Day is for Flagpoles

    Mine was a gift, but I think was in the $300 neighborhood.

    Give some thought to mounting it, even if the pole is strong enough, if the mount is weak it will not take the wind.

    I probably...
  48. Re: Compare types of gravel and alternatives for roadway repair

    Around here many quarries sprinkle their materials in the storage piles. They claim it is to cut down on dust, which is certainly true, but it also means they weigh water along with the stone they...
  49. Re: Anyone actually flipped a HST CUT pulling from the 3pth?

    There is a persistent myth that pulling from below the rear axle is always safe. This is just plain not true. Of course, the lower the attachment point, the less likely a rear flip is, but the real...
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    Re: Memorial Day is for Flagpoles

    Look on Amazon.

    I just checked, and there are plenty of 25 footers for under $100. Some were under $70. This is for the whole kit, flag, pole, hardware, etc. And the pole is properly tapered, so...
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    Re: Home Propane Tank: Rent or Buy?

    The economic analysis for own vs. buy and the payout time have the figures done correctly, but they are the wrong numbers to use. We use very little propane, but over the course of even 5 years, the...
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    Re: Generator warning system?

    One of the reasons I have mine installed on a sub-panel is that I have one light only wired on the grid power. I turn on the switch when I turn on the generator and when the light comes back on, I...
  53. Re: Need ideas to get rid of a couple of maple stumps

    I would burn it out but use an electric leaf blower to force air for a much hotter fire. The way I do this is to buy a piece of 3" metal duct about 6' long (only a few $ at a hardware store) and duct...
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    Re: Dog door for screened in porch...

    There is a company that makes pet doors where you put an unobtrusive magnetic collar on the dog. Without the magnet the door will not open.

    Until you find wildlife with special collars you are...
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    Re: Gravel Driveway Maintenance thoughts?

    I installed a sprinkler system to water my gravel driveway, which is about 700 feet long. Cost was about 10% that of asphalt, and there is virtually no dust.

    I have it divided into sections about...
  56. Re: Anyone debate buying vs renting a pressure washer?

    I hate to discourage buying quality tools, but think about how much you will really use this pressure washer. Since you were originally considering renting, I don't think it is going to have a high...
  57. Tractor Sizing Re: Have a half mile of gravel road to repair and maintain

    A couple of questions.

    How much traffic does this road see? You said it was part of a mobile home park. I suspect it sees a lot more traffic than most of us think about when we say "driveway".
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    Re: Damaged block installing block heater L5240

    It is not always true that a magnet points north. In my neck of the woods declination is about 17 degrees. I.e., magnetic north is 17 degrees east of true north. The guys I hunt with never did...
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    Re: Removing Stickers

    Heat gun or hair drier, and go s-l-o-w. The adhesive will often allow you to very slowly peel the sticker off while a faster attempt will tear the sticker.
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    Re: What to look for in a compound miter saw?

    This has been my experience with every laser on a saw I have ever seen.

    You can adjust it, but it will quickly be out of adjustment again. There is a lot of high frequency vibration in the saw...
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    Re: Kubota BH90 backhoe challenges

    Marking depends on the situation. For foundations and footers I mark with paint or wooden stakes every few feet. Sometimes stakes and string. For trenches, most operators will just guesstimate. Maybe...
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    Re: Oil - Another "why" question

    In mechanical engineering (also in rheology and tribology) shear has a different meaning than that.

    ...So the viscosity would depend on the bearing clearances also...

    Viscosity is a property...
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    Re: Oil - Another "why" question


    5W-40 would be even better than 5W-30.

    This is what I use in almost everything diesel, once the warranty has expired. Until then, I put whatever the manufacturer wants in it. After that...
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    Re: Oil - Another "why" question

    There is an answer, and it is very complicated. Way back when, from '67-'72, I was in graduate school and my thesis advisor was a rheologist (a guy who studies flow of fluids). Oil is not a simple...
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    Re: Kubota BH90 backhoe challenges

    1. I would do this by taking the 2' initial cut out of the center of the ditch. Then 6" on each side. This is not really going to increase the number of bucketfuls because the depth of each pass can...
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    Re: Well......... I think Im gonna go bigger!

    Just that one sentence tells me you need a different dealer.
  67. Re: Best way to get fuel smell out of fuel container caution possible unpopular thou

    If the "cans" are plastic, the fuel has diffused into the plastic and you need air flow and time to get it out. Heat will speed up the out-diffusion, but it is still going to take a long time.

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    Re: Brush Grapple Preferred Width?

    I have a 72" dual lid grapple and find it is just right for brush. Brush is very light for its volume, and the larger grapple is not going to limit the amount you can lift. Essentially a pile of...
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    Re: Generator water pump

    Is it possible to get the old one rebuilt? Might be a lot easier than ordering one.

    A lot of Chinese stuff is a copy of something else. Maybe, just maybe, a water pump from whatever it was copied...
  70. Re: Generator converted to Propane - using new tanks issues

    I installed one of their kits on our 15 kw Generac about 2 years ago. The propane source is our 500 gallon house tank, which has never been drawn down more than about 150 gallons in the 8 years since...
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    Re: Construction Fasteners

    Do you have plans for the carport, or are you making it up as you go along?

    If you have plans, either purchased as a package, or individually drawn, read them carefully. If you read every word on...
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    Re: Footing AFTER a pole barn is built

    A grade beam is a concrete beam which is used to transmit the load from a building to piles, which are significantly deeper than the bottom of the beam. Typically the beam is reinforced with rebar.
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    Re: How do I read this meter?

    I saw the same thing, and the markings on the pipe are certainly confusing.

    In one place it says NSF-PW which clearly means suitable for potable water, but it also says DWV which should not be...
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    Re: Coyotes and Fencing opinions

    I would give up the 3 feet and go with the tried and true method.

    But, I would test it first by making a small enclosure with something very attractive to coyotes inside and see it it works before...
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    Re: I have decided to rid myself of the dust

    For about $2000 (parts and labor) I had a guy I hired install a sprinkler system that waters my 700' driveway. There are 5 zones and I run then one after the other 4 times a day in the middle of...
  76. Re: 2004 FordF150, FX4, 5.4l V8, with 3 valves per cylinder

    The 2004 diesels were dogs, but these were F 250 and F 350.

    The Tritons were decent engines. I have a 2000 F 150 with the Triton and it is still going at ~ 180k. But it is on its last legs.
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    Re: Dump trailer for hauling

    My direct acting cylinder dump is only a single acting cylinder. There is a pivot point about 12-18" in front of the gate.

    The bed will not "free tip" at the end of a dump because by the time it...
  78. Thread: YEOWCH!!!!

    by CurlyDave

    Re: YEOWCH!!!! Sliver Gripper Uncle Bill's Key Chain Tweezers: Health & Personal Care

    Get yourself a pair of these for the next one. Best tweezers for splinters I have ever used.

    With a little...
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    Re: Have 4410, but need to downsize!

    If you get a trailer to go with any tractor, be sure it is big enough to also haul the biggest car/truck you own. The incremental cost is very low, and this may come in very handy.

    I bought a used...
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    Re: Dump trailer for hauling

    The scissor is more complex, but has the great advantage that the bed will not tilt on its own from having a poor weight distribution. If you are using it to haul equipment, this is important,...
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    Re: Dyed & Stamped Concrete Patio

    Pavers or even natural stone all the way.

    Around here there are some professionals who can put dow a stamped, dyed concrete that looks just like a big piece of exposed natural rock, but the dye...
  82. Re: Anyone debate buying vs renting a pressure washer?

    I have rented a lot of equipment over the years and I can not remember even one good experience compared to owning a homeowner grade unit. Not a single one.

    I always takes too much time at the...
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    Re: Breaking Concrete

    I bet you could heat a section with a weed burner and crack it with cold water. Slower than the sledgehammer route, but a lot less exhausting.

    The Romans used to dig some pretty big pits and...
  84. Re: Crud, what did I break/bend and how do I fix.

    I have to agree there. I don't know if I sheared a bolt early on, or if I even have a timing rod. It is too dark to go out and look right now. I have never had an issue getting an implement on the...
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    Re: Dump trailer for hauling

    I have a 12', 10,000 lb dump trailer that only weighs 2000lb, giving 8000 lb capacity. While I know that this is smaller than the 14,000 lb trailers you guys are contemplating, your payloads are only...
  86. Re: April 15th 2016 Income Tax deadline moved to April 18th this year.

    While I think I have been successful in life, characterizing success as being "fortunate" is the kind of reasoning that leads to a lack of success. There absolutely has been both good and bad luck in...
  87. Re: April 15th 2016 Income Tax deadline moved to April 18th this year.

    The government could not give me enough money to live in section 8 housing. And, close neighbors just like the one you describe are the reason.

    She did such a good job of raising her children...
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    Re: Have 4410, but need to downsize!

    I think you are going to take a financial beating on selling or trading that tractor. It is a really nice machine with very low hours. Probably last decades with the kind of use you have given it.
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    Re: Whole house water filter systems?

    The calcium is dissolved and can not be removed by a filter.

    Only a water softener is going to remove it.
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    Re: Whole house water filter systems?

    I would skip the bypass. The only thing it is going to do for you is to allow you to fill the pipes in the house with dirty water.

    What I do is invest in some spares instead of a bypass. I keep...
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    Re: Cost to build your own home?

    In our house, that I designed, the basement floor is 14' lower than the upper (living) floor. We have a drop ceiling at 10' height in the downstairs, and overhead lights like in an office building....
  92. Re: Building a covered work area with a 40' span, will this work?

    I would google "steel truss design" and see if I could find a pre-done design and then just copy that.

    If I just search on "truss design" I get mostly wood trusses. My experience with wood is...
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    Re: Whole house water filter systems?

    I run two filters in series. From memory, there is a 25 micron pleated filter, followed by a 5 micron wound filter in two separate housings about 20" long and 5" or 6" in diameter. Our water was very...
  94. Re: Getting manure to slide out of a dump trailer

    Start with a clean trailer.

    Get a gallon of old motor oil and an old broom. Paint the motor oil on the bottom and sides of the trailer using the broom like a giant paintbrush,

    Do not let any of...
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    Re: Buyng a new woodstove

    When I heated exclusively with wood I had a bathroom that was always cold. I solved the problem with an electric wall heater with a timer switch and one of those padded, cushiony toilet seats. The...
  96. Re: No Hot Water Heaters over 50 gallons now at Lowes or Home Depot

    I leave them set at the same temperature. In my set-up, the tanks are in my shop and for over half the year, there is no such thing as "wasted heat" from the water tanks. All the heat loss from the...
  97. Backhoe Re: Can't Reach Grease Zerk - Hose Installed Wrong?

    I have a little zerk kit I got from Harbor Freight, well actually two kits, one English and one metric.

    Anyway, there are zerks in both kits where the grease nipple is at a 45 degree angle to the...
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    Re: Hunting Cabin

    Just a thought here.

    My "Redneck Hunting Lodge" is a 20 year old toy hauler trailer.

    No it doesn't have the ambience of a real cabin, but every year it works very well for deer season, elk...
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    Re: New washer and dryer.

    Do you know the construction of the wall behind the washer?

    If there is a mud sill foundation bolted to the concrete, I would be inclined to start with two pieces of the galvanized plumber's strap...
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    Re: Harbor Freight 20-Ton hydraulic press mods

    I have the press, but mine is gray instead of orange.
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