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  1. Re: Kubota BX80 series backhoe - only available on the BX23S?

    If it's pictured with a backhoe, then it's a BX23S. The picture mentioned has a caption under it... "Image of product is a representative image and may not depict the exact product being...
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    Re: Propane Regulator Froze Up

    Up here in the great white north, the temp will occasionally get down to -20F. We've had our propane fueled hi-efficiency forced-air furnace since Jan 1991.
    Never had a freeze up... high pressure...
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    Buying Advice Re: Backhoe for BX2350

    So what it boils down to, TractorGuyEd, is you should sell your BX2350, keep the snowblower, mower and blade. Buy a BX24 or BX25 which already has the subframe and backhoe. Your other attachments...
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    Re: Got myself a new car

    Very nice, I am jealous !
    My first new car, when I graduated college, was a '69 300 Deluxe with the 350 and 3speed auto.
    Just like this one...516223
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    Re: BX 2350 is a plastic nightmare

    I have a 2007 BX24... basically same tractor as yours.
    I have some scuffs & scratches but nothing cracked or broken... have torn the lenses off the hazard flashers a few times by catching on brush,...
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    Re: TV Antenna instead of cable/dish

    I live in a rural area, have used a roof-top Digiwave 8 bay antenna for about 5 years. I get all stations from Buffalo & Rochester NY... about 60mi as the crow flies, with some trees in the neighbors...
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    Re: BX70 -vs- B01

    Not quite sure what you're looking for... BX2370 to BX2670 is same machine with a couple more horsepower, for maybe $1400 more.
    B2601 is a larger frame tractor, larger wheels, etc, for maybe $4000...
  8. Re: Anything special about a battery for a 12V sump backup?

    I had a conventional lead-acid marine battery which lasted about 12 years.
    Replaced it last month with a Yellow top Optima. I use a "Battery Tender Junior'
    We'll see how it goes.

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    Re: best way to tight chains on tire

    Bungee cords criss-crossed on outside of wheel works for me.

  10. Re: 20 min lesson on snow blowing with Kubota BX (new operator)

    okay thanks... I've seen a lot of Paul's work on youtube.
    Kinda wish I was close to him like you are, I have some ideas on mods that I just don't have the facility to implement myself.

  11. Re: 20 min lesson on snow blowing with Kubota BX (new operator)

    My wife has never driven my BX24, or the TG1860 in the last 15 years.
    I noticed she just squeaks into your garage... height-wise. Have you modified/lowered your ROPS ?
    Your garage door doesn't...
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    Re: What did you do at work today?

    Been retired for 9 years now... certainly couldn't find time to go to work now, what with all the stuff I have to do around the place. Sometimes, though, it might be because opportunity and ambition...
  13. Re: Rural living is great for privacy, or is it?

    the 'school of hard knocks' makes a man wiser than does any institute of higher learning. :2cents:

  14. Re: Rural living is great for privacy, or is it?

    Years ago a JW family lived next door, we and our kids were friendly with them and their kids, religion talk was avoided and we never had JW knocking on our door. After the neighbours moved away,...
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    Re: Kubota TG 1860 and snowblower

    I can't really answer your question, other than suggest using kijiji or craigslist.
    I've had my TG1860 since 1998, but just recently found a nice used TG2746 blower on kijiji here in the Toronto...
  16. Re: Vehicles that require premium gas

    Our 2009 Chrysler Town & Country has a 4.0 liter V6, with mid grade recommended. I buy only regular, but on occasion the Petro Canada station up the road is out of regular and offers Ultra 94 at the...
  17. Price Check Re: cub cadet gt2000 with 48" blower

    what are the manufacturer's recommended hours for hydrostatic fluid change ?
    my Kubota BX recommendation is 300 hours for hydro fluid, I changed it at 240 hours when I bought it.
    the 10/every 50...
  18. Re: BX2370 vs 1025R pricing in Canada, Ontario specifically

    in 1998 when I needed a new garden tractor for cutting grass mostly. I bought a new TG1860G, and the equivalent green unit was over $1000 more. In 2011, I wanted a small TLB. I bought a low hour...
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    Re: Mowers aren't just for men

    A big 'thumbs up' from my wife... who does not mow.

  20. Re: JD B&S18HP: Ran out of gas and now won't start.

    when you say 'fuel pump is pumping', is that verified by sound, or taking the fuel hose off at the carb to verify fuel flow? Clearly, no fuel is getting into the carb/float bowl. On my TG1860G's...
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    Re: Lawn Mower won't crank

    just checking on if this guy resolved his problem...
    looks like the OP has not been back on TBN since his original post. :confused3:
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    Re: Lawn Mower won't crank

    Ain't it funny how some people use common engine terms incorrectly...
    'Crank' or 'Turn' over means the same thing... hopefully after a second or three of 'cranking', the engine will 'start', and...
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    Re: Hi from Holland

    Welcome to TBN. It is a good place.
    I was born in Assen, have lived in Canada for 67 years.

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    Re: kubota t1760

    According to his profile, the OP hasn't been on TBN since he posted the question.
    I wonder how he expected help to get to him.
    Probably found & fixed his problem, and didn't want to update us.
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    Re: Got carded at tractor supply....

    We (my nephew, age 50 and I age 68) got carded at a sports bar in Auburn Hills, Michigan last summer whilst the ladies were shopping.
    Apparently the place got caught the week before serving...
  26. Re: BX22 speed control pedal linkage rod connector (ball and socket type)

    go to Index of Kubotabooks/
    select 'tractor parts manuals'
    select BX22D
    index at left, scroll down to 'Speed Control Plate'

    hope this helps.

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    Re: Safety interlocks on BX24

    Mike, the switch is fully depressed when the PTO lever is all the way up... meaning the PTO is dis-engaged.
    On my BX24, the lever goes down probably close to 3/4 inch before the switch plunger is...
  28. Re: Anchoring a bronze plaque in the ground

    check with the maintenance guys at your local cemetery. The place where my Mom & Dad are, they have only flat markers so groundskeeping is easier.
    My Mom & Dad's marker is bronze affixed to a...
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    Re: Safety interlocks on BX24

    Hi Mike, I had the same problem... if the PTO lever wasn't quite all the way up/off, or if I bumped it when getting off the tractor on the left side, the BX would shut down.
    Under the left fender,...
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    Re: TBN'ers We need to be nice!!!!

    Another kind of 'lack of common courtesy' seen lately, is that many posters forget to provide updates to their issue.
    It would be nice to read about what resolved the problem, or just give a 'thank...
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    Re: TG1860 with TG2746 Snowblower

    Hey beaver...
    you piggy-backed onto a discussion about a TG2746 blower on a TG1860 tractor. This is a belt driven blower.
    you seem to need info on a TG2742, probably a different machine.

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    Re: Engine Heater

    my BX24 has a block heater, I suspect it was dealer installed.
    It is on the left side of the engine, just under the intake manifold.
    I can't tell if it is in a threaded port, or in a frost plug...
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    Mowing Re: remove blades

    my answer would have been 'the size that fits'... but that's just me.
    I usually just go to the tool box and grab a couple wrenches or sockets that look close, and use the one that fits.

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    Snow Re: Snow removal with a BX24

    Look for a used 3 pt pto driven snowblower... half the price or less of a front mount, and virtually any make will work.
    I use a 52 inch pto blower on my BX24, and when the snow is too wet/heavy and...
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    Re: No Respect For Others

    I live on a fairly busy road, with a 200 foot long driveway. Over the past few years, I've had a number of people pull in to turn around, find they can't back out because of traffic, so they drive up...
  36. Re: Bx23 just got a 2750D Snowblower

    for the BX23, you need a BX2751 quick hitch and a BX2752 mid PTO shaft.
    I'm not familiar with the BX23, so not sure what else you'll need as far as hydraulics and controls.
    I seem to remember that...
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    Re: Any internet/computer experts?

    We had similar problems a while ago with our ISP... a line-of-site broadband wireless connection from our rooftop to a transmitter about 5 miles away.
    Being rural, we don't have a lot of options, so...
  38. Re: Venting propane water heater in basement through top of basement wall?

    from what I read out of this, the water heater the OP is talking about is NOT the high efficiency type that can be vented horizontally using 2" PVC.
    From a safety point of view, I would steer clear...
  39. Backhoe Re: Kubota Delivery--Dirt JAMMED into Lower Boom Pin and Frame--How Best to Remove?

    Unlike the others who responded, I think you should get rid of that Kubota... I'm thinking about an even trade for my not-quite-so-well-kept BX24. :laughing:

    Just clean off the zerk, and pump in...
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    Re: Tg1860 mower diagram

    I also answered this on 'the other tractor forum'
    this pic should help, although it does not show the actual belt, the idler in this pic goes into the little bend in the belt in the other...
  41. Re: hello from leamington ont canada

    Welcome, from Georgetown Ontario.
    I grew up at Leamington, in the 1950's &1960's.

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    Snow Re: B2781A blower on a B7510HSD

    I use a B2781 on the 3pt of my BX24. Only problem is that in this config it is direct drive at 540rpm, which is not quite fast enough... doesn't throw snow far enough, especially when wet.
    In your...
  43. Re: New Lawnmower Time!! Tip on Side to Change OIl??

    Briggs, Tecumseh & the Chinese vertical shaft engines I've seen all had oil drain plugs underneath.
    Honda is only engine I recall without drain plug on bottom.
    I agree that often it is easier to...
  44. Re: Buying through tractorhouse unseen...?

    A farmer friend of mine here in Ontario was spending the winter in Florida. He had been looking for a particular tractor, then saw one on Tractorhouse while in Florida, the tractor was in Wyoming. ...
  45. Re: Looking at a 2012 BX25- what do i need to know?

    Wow, you did get a steal.
    I got my BX24 in 2011 with 230 hours on it, included 54"mmm, 52" 3pt snowblower and 48" Landpride backblade. I paid $16K Canadian. I think I got a deal then... list for a...
  46. Re: Trenching with the BX, backhoe question.

    I think the OP wants to move the BX forward, not backward... but maybe still could be accomplished by leaving the speed select in neutral and using the hoe to PUSH the tractor forward.
    To the OP,...
  47. Re: Strange power failure at the house this morning.

    I just got an email from the financial guy at our power company... he says in our situation, with pole and transformer on municipal property, they are responsible for the service to my meter box....
  48. Re: Looking at a 2012 BX25- what do i need to know?

    maybe the dealer would be willing to sell the used unit without the MMM... I would think they wouldn't have much trouble selling a good condition deck.
    that should drop the price of the BX25 by...
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    Re: House flies and ladybugs

    Here too.... I can't figure out where the pesky things are coming from. They are mostly in the bedrooms & bathrooms of our 2 storey house, & mostly on the west side, of course. Ladybugs we've had...
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    Re: Help! Learning to weld

    so, in post #16 you say you measured 245V between the 2 hot wires on the outlet, when you had the box open.
    in post # 36 you measured only 60V between the 2 hot terminals of the welder plug when...
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    Re: WHY all this complexity?

    last year a friend and his wife came over to show off his new Dodge Ram... 4-door, all souped up inside & out, with a short box.
    we went for a drive, the ladies in the back, when his wife says "...
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    Re: Help! Learning to weld

    reading 60V when you expect 240V is real strange. If a poor connection is causing that kind of voltage drop, it would be smoking a bit.
    Something not quite right here... yeah that's an...
  53. Re: Strange power failure at the house this morning.

    Just discovered another PC dead... a unit I occasionally use to play with other O/S like Ubuntu, etc. ( I used to work with computers, so have a few extra around the house.) This PC was plugged in,...
  54. Re: Strange power failure at the house this morning.

    kco & JPRambo... I like your thinking. I'm hoping it's a bad connection up near the transformer. There have been a lot of power outages in the Greater Toronto area lately, it is being blamed on...
  55. Re: Strange power failure at the house this morning.

    thanks for all opinions... not necessarily what I wanted to hear.
    I agree with the open, or bad connection on the neutral, but in my mind :confused: I would have suspected a bad connection...
  56. Re: Strange power failure at the house this morning.

    I'm sorry... I should have mentioned earlier that the first thing the power company workers did was pop the meter, and place a diagnostic gizmo into the meter base, completely disconnected from the...
  57. Strange power failure at the house this morning.

    Hope this is appropriate for this forum, after all, we are rural.
    This morning I was out in our attached garage, using my air nailer/stapler to slap together some free-standing shelf units for my...
  58. Re: Forty years ago...could you envision yourself today?

    40 years ago I was a lot better looking than I am now... married 4 years, 2 little kids, big mortgage (20K):eek: earning about 15K as a computer tech at Honeywell.
    Life was good, but 20 some years...
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    Re: Trailer Lights Not Working

    A lot depends on the tow vehicle... Did you add the trailer wiring adapter to your tow vehicle ? Was it the same vehicle that delivered the trailer ?
    Many newer vehicles have the brake & signal...
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    Re: Grease Guns

    I guess I got lucky... I bought a conventional manual grease gun over 40 years ago (at Crappy Tire) ...
    Always works great, hardly more than a smear of grease left when the cartridge is empty. Don't...
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    Re: Timing Belts: time limit spec

    20 or 25 years ago I had a '86 Camry, belt snapped twice on me after only 3 years/25K miles each time. No damage of course.
    Currently, one daughter has a 2004 Hyundai SanteFe, only 70k miles. Last...
  62. Snowblower Re: Kubota TG2746A impeller speed

    Hi Ivan...
    I have a TG2746 blower on my Kubota TG1860G tractor. It throws snow, dry or wet, very well. Not sure of the impeller rpm.
    I also have a BX24 tractor with a B2781 PTO blower on the back....
  63. Re: BX2750 Front Mount Snowblower - Can a BX1500 handle it?

    Ken, I don't think you would have a problem. The great thing about the HST, with low range, is that you can go as slow as you need to when you get into deeper snow.
    when the snow is only 5 or six...
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    Re: 5' kabota 3 pt snowblower

    I don't think we know that the OPs blower is a B2789... another TBNer mentioned he had one.

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    Re: 5' kabota 3 pt snowblower

    Is your blower maybe a B2782 ???
    I have a B2781, same as B2782 but only 51" wide. These blowers are typically used as front mount on B series Kubotas, using a gear reduction to reduce mid pto down...
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    Re: Neutering a cat??

    Yup, heard the same but using a rubber boot.
    I think maybe the size of the tomcat's bag after neutering depends on his age when neutered. My daughter has a small male cat that she had neutered at 7...
  67. Re: Snowblower - Front vs. Rear RPM Question

    A word of caution if you are looking at Kubota snowblowers...
    When I got my BX24 it came with a rear mount Kubota B2781 blower.
    A B2781 was typically used as front mount blower on B series...
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    Re: Wire Amp size in Garage

    I recently replaced my electric water heater... it's rated 240volts, with 4500 watt elements.
    It's fed from a 20a breaker with 12-2 wiring.
    I was surprised to see, when making the connections, that...
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    Re: kubota t1760

    maybe low on hydraulic fluid in transaxle ?
    not sure about your description of the problem... this "shaft that is turning in the centre of the rear wheels", are you referring to the actual axle(s)...
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    Re: Wire Amp size in Garage

    my outside 2 ton (24000 btu) unit is fed off a 20a breaker and about 25 feet of 12-2.
    I guess the blower must be a 220v motor as well.

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    Re: BX25 Stalling out

    Maybe so... my BX is my first diesel, had it about 4 years now, and no fuel problems at all... in fact, no BX problems at all. I go thru probably 3 or 4 tanks of fuel a year, have never added...
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    Re: Official 4,000,000th Post Contest!

    Feb 1 2015 12:34 PM
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    Re: Advice on a new computer

    If you need to ask on a public forum about which computer to buy, then you better buy the one that your friends/acquaintances can help you with when you have a question or a problem. My SIL got my...
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    Re: Printers and ink??

    I have a Samsung CLP-310N colour laser... had it for about 5 years, still working great. It's connected to my network router, so any device, PC, tablet, smartphone in the house can print to it...
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    Re: Keeping up with tools

    I have a small workshop in the basement, do stuff there mostly in the winter... small tools, mostly.
    In the garage (attached) where I maintain the cars, I keep socket sets, automotive tools, floor...
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    Re: tg 2754

    In this post...

    CHDinCT says... "On the power angle, I bought all the parts from Surpluscenter and had a welder...
  77. Re: Using a backhoe to deepen a marshy area

    I find even for a small pond, my backhoe does not have enough swing to dump the spoils out of the way.
    The swing arc on my BX24 is 70 deg. each side... would be a tad better if it went a full 90...
  78. Snow Blade Re: John Deere GX345 meets Craftsman 42 Blade

    I have the same Craftsman blade... modded it years ago for my old Bolens 1050 tractor.
    Bolens is long gone, modding the blade mount for my Kubota TG1860 has been on the 'to do' list since 1998....
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    Re: Husqvarna LT1536 blowing smoke

    with the smokey exhaust AND oil out the breather tube, perhaps piston rings are gone.

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    Re: 318 Slow to Start

    You say with a shot of starter spray it starts right away, instead of cranking for 10-15 seconds ???

    If true, your carb is probably leaking gas from the float bowl, as PMSMECHANIC said.
    The float...
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    Re: My New BX25D

    Yup, mine was put in maybe 4 inches under the sod, 3/8" copper tubing, but that was 24 years ago.
    Maybe different regulations for different municipalities ???

  82. Snow Re: Snow blower wheels on front mounted 60" blower

    Now that's a great setup, Fred... :thumbsup: front and rear !
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    Re: Do you love or hate voicemail?

    We recently gave up our land line for a second cell phone... cheaper, and now wifey can get a hold of me easier when we're both out.
    Of course it will take a voice msge, but now we are rarely away...
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    Re: Unhappy new member

    All this discussion about 'you get what you pay for' reminds me of a saying a friend often uses...
    It may pertain more to buying a service than a product, but as he says...

    "You can have it...
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    Re: Hardwood Flooring ??

    anybody care to comment on why they recommend the 3/4" space at the walls around the room... at least that's what the instruction were on my 3/4" ash flooring.
    with the hardwood nailed every 8" to...
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    Re: CFL Rant

    When CFLs first became popular, they seemed to reach full brightness within 5 seconds or so, but lately I find they take up to 5 minutes.
    I have CFLs where-ever lights are used for more than 15...
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    Re: What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Back when I had to work for a living, our manager was a 'professional engineer'...
    we lovingly referred to him as a theoretical genius, but a practical idiot.
    He often lived up to both aspects of...
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    Re: What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Back when I had to work for a living, our manager was a 'professional engineer'...
    we lovingly referred to him as a theoretical genius, but a practical idiot.
    He often lived up to both aspects of...
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    Re: New GC 1710 Cold Start

    Hey, Farmer George, not too often you'll get down to 0 deg F. in the banana belt of Ontario. ;)
    I go about 10-15 seconds of glow plugs when really cold, and open the throttle a bit... BX engines...
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    Re: Need some help!!

    I'm with paine... unless you're an electro-mechanical engineer, and plan on doing any and all work on it yourself, you'd probably be better off buying something more conventional that other folks...
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    Re: I have a RANT .

    yup, my old '86 Camry had that too... the lights went off when you took out the key, and opened the drivers door, in that order.
    I recall one day getting home to find a visitor parked in our two-car...
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    Re: Do you hate your tractor

    IMO, a tractor is a tool... (okay sometimes it's a toy. :laughing: )
    If you've got the wrong tool, go get the right one !
    Life is too short to waste time hating anything/anyone.

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    Re: I have a RANT .

    Here in Canada, DRLs are mandatory, but many drivers don't realize this doesn't turn on the rear lights also. With many newer cars having digital dash instruments, the dash is always lit. I often...
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    Re: Unhappy new member

    what's this, Gary ??? you've left Bakerville for Tilbury ? and traded your red for green ?

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    Re: Kubota BX24 Safety switches

    I can't answer your question about the spray cleaner, but when my pto safety switch seemed intermittent, it turned out that the switch was adjusted just on the hairy edge. It is easily adjusted from...
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    Re: Internet speeds

    4.6 Mb/s down, 1.4 Mb/s up this morning.
    I pay 25 Canuck bucks monthly for what should be 5 Mb/s down and 0.6 Mb/s up, with no data limit.
    Wireless line-of-sight to a tower about 4 miles away.
  97. Re: BX2360 front snowblower - how to keep it from digging in?

    If your skid shoes are set down to the max and are just digging into the unfrozen gravel, maybe you need to have a wider piece of steel welded to them to keep them from digging in. I use a 3pt B2781...
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    Re: Glow plug operation

    Ron, if you hold the keyswitch about half-way between ON and START, the glow plugs operate... you'll notice the indicator on.
    In very cold weather, I usually hold my BX24 there for about 10 seconds...
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    Re: Check my math please

    you may be a bit low... general rule of thumb is 2% to 2.5% increase in energy consumption per degree F increase.
    and as LD1 says, many other factors come into play... like insulation level, wind...
  100. Re: BX24 swivel seat mechanism came apart

    these might help.
    You've probably got it fixed by now, but this will show you if you got it right.

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