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    Re: Trailer Upgrade

    I have the Kaufman 22ft. tilt which I bought in May. I think it is a well made trailer although others may have different opinions, from the look of things at the factory they sell a lot of trailers....
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    Re: Kioti Backhoe Subframe DK50SE

    Well I got my tractor back today and after looking at it I feel somewhat stupid for having had it in that position for 70 hours. But if I feel stupid wait till I tell the dealer who sold it what...
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    Kioti Backhoe Subframe DK50SE

    I brought my DK50 in for a 50 hour service last week at a dealer about an hour from my home. This is not who I bought the tractor from because he was unable to get a DK cab and only had an NX model...
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    Re: New tractor arrived :)

    That stump didn't stand a chance.
  5. Sticky: Re: - 60" Grapple Buckets $1095 - 42" Pallet Forks $524 & More!

    If your comment was meant as a way to draw me out it was successful, My experience was anything but pleasurable, I bought forks from you which were obviously defective but you refuse to stand behind...
  6. Sticky: Re: - 60" Grapple Buckets $1095 - 42" Pallet Forks $524 & More!

    Good luck dealing with them, from my perspective it has been a nightmare.
  7. Re: DK50SE vs NX5510 vs NX6010 All are HST with Cab, Thoughts?

    I paid $35,000 cab fel and backhoe, I do not have any experience with a tiller, but so far it has more than enough power for my needs.
  8. Re: DK50SE vs NX5510 vs NX6010 All are HST with Cab, Thoughts?

    If your heart is set on a dk50 cab there are not a lot to be had. It took me quite a bit of searching to find one at a price I was willing to pay.
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    Re: Hello from a new member in RI

    Let me guess either a chicken dinner the kubota dealership or possibly the prosciutto factory? We don't have much else up here
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    Loader Re: Pic of bucket leveling bar for DK40SE

    Mine came loose within the first couple of days it wasn't bent so I just slipped it back in and hand tightened it.
    Naturally I forgot to tighten it with a wrench so a few days later I bent it pretty...
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    Re: Kioti Dk45se hst or DK50se hst

    Had a similar problem with mine and I ended up just tightening up the allen screws on the controls they were quite loose after 1 day of use. Works like a charm now.
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    Hello from a new member in RI

    Hello everyone I am checking in as a new member after scouring these pages as a lurker for a few months now.
    I gathered a lot of great information that I put to use buying a Kioti DK50se.
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