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    Oil & Fuel Re: Leak Already?

    The remote valves on my DK45SE leak down rather quickly as well. I've got one more thing to try to confirm that it is the valves, but I am convinced that it is. When my rotary cutter is attached,...
  2. Re: Would you pay extra to have hauling included for "free"?

    My dealer is 50 miles from me, and 70 from my tractor. He delivered it for free, 70 miles each way with a rolloff, and made two trips with a service truck for free to fix a hydraulic leak (of course...
  3. Re: If it weren't for TBN, which implements would you NOT have bought?

    In my case,
    #1 - Top 'n Tilt Cylinders
    Along with that,
    #2 - Fite Rite Hydraulics (Thanks, Brian!) to buy them from
    #3 - Loaded rear tires, and counterweighting loader
    #4 - Rear hydraulics...
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    Re: Sales tax question

    If you took a secured loan to finance your purchase, the lender will record the UCC form with the county listed on your loan application. The tax folks in many jurisdictions check for UCC forms...
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    Re: PTO Connector Geometry??

    I did that too, this spring, the first time I attached my cutter to the tractor. Couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong, until I started trying to loosen the "stuck" balls and found...
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    Re: Adjustable Cat1 Top Link Pin?

    Woods included a 6" grade 5 bolt with deformed lock nut on my chain kit, but I want to be able to remove it easily. I bought a hitch pin with a 4-1/4" useable length to replace the bolt. I had the...
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    Re: Woods Box Scraper Quotes

    But then their medium duty units are frequently heavier than many other brands' heavy duty!
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    Rotary Cutter Re: Driveline contacting the cutter deck

    I have the same problem with my BB72X on a Woods quick hitch. Fortunately, I have a hydraulic top link, so as long as I remember to lift the tail wheel with the top link a bit, I can then safely...
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    Sickle Bar Re: Kuhn FA 372 Sickle Bar Mower

    Best bet would probably be to order one from your Kuhn dealer. You can find your closest dealers by clicking on Dealer Finder on their website, Kuhn North America Inc. - Farm Equipment in United...
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    Re: kubota haybine

    More likely to be Kverneland, since Kubota bough Kverneland Group in 2012.
  11. Mid-Mount Mower Re: 46" mower deck parts manual for John Deere 318

    You can find the parts list for your tractor and mower on John Deere's Parts website, here: John Deere - Parts Catalog. The mower deck is listed under Implements in the 318 Lawn & Garden Tractor...
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    Rotary Cutter Re: ? on landpride rcr rotary cutter

    I spent two frustrating days with sore knees and back trying to get mine adjusted properly for the first time. Next time, I'm going to loosen a single bolt, pull the shaft, and take it to the bench....
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    Re: fits what tractor? FEL KL1231HD

    According to the literature I have, the KL1231 loader fit the LK3054 and the LK30. No mention I could find of a KL1231HD. HTH.
  14. Re: Add a Double Pilot Check valve to Side Link Cylinder?

    My Kioti DK45SE with a Fit Rite Top and Tilt system leaks down quite rapidly when I am brush hogging. If I set the mower for a 4 1/2" cut, the right skid is in the dirt within 15 minutes. Swapping...
  15. Re: Anybody recognize the Company logo on this Kioti joystick valve?

    I bought a second position kit for my DX45SE, which was installed by the dealer. I also bought a workshop manual for the tractor. I had to have the dealer come out to fix the leaking valves, they...
  16. Re: What are the GOT TO HAVE features I should add when buying this tractor??

    I have a set of Brian's top and tilt (TnT) cylinders on my Kioti DK45SE with a Woods Cat 1 quick hitch, and l-o-v-e them (Thanks Brian!)! Hooking up equipment is so easy, even with arthritis and old...
  17. Re: Wow are there a lot of different quick hitches out there. Which one for me?

    Since both your tractor and your cutter are Cat 1/Cat 2, the Cat 2 quick hitch should work fine with your setup.

    I have a DK45SE which has a Cat 1 hitch, and a Woods BrushBull BB72X cutter,...
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    Re: How much tractor do I need?

    Schneeky, I have loaded R-1s on my Kioti DK45SE cab tractor, but carry a 700 lb implement on the three point for additional ballast. So far, I haven't felt any tipping at all, or light rear end,...
  19. Re: Grass Catcher for Kubota ZD28P (72in)

    Looking at Kubota's website, under prior products, it does not show a grass catcher for the 72" deck. It does list one for the 60" deck.
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    Re: Eye protection

    Cab and a/c works wonders for me. No dust, pollen, bugs, heat.... It was actually fun to mow my 12 acres!
  21. Re: Wrapped up a nice length of fence wire today with the JD 709

    I snagged some fence wire a couple of weeks ago while I was mowing with a Woods BrushBull 72X. Fortunately, the wire snagged on the front axle pivot bolt and the right rear tire, wrapping around the...
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    Re: Add Rear Remote

    With the cab, the seat has to be removed through the rear window. If you are strong enough you can do it, but I'm not. I had to have a helper behind the tractor to help with it. I did not need to...
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    Re: Another Woods Tillers Question

    The manual for your tiller should still be available from Woods. You can request it on their website, here: Manual Request Form
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    Re: How did you tell?

    For me it was easy - my Kioti had to be named "Wile E.". Not original with me, of course, but it had to be.
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    Re: 60" 66" or 72" box blade?

    The general consensus here seems to be that you would want it to be at least the width of your rear tires, outside to outside. Since the 60" unit would not cover your tracks, I would say to bypass...
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    You might try calling Glen Danuser at Danuser Machine Co. their website is here: Attachments | Augers | Post Diggers | OEM Parts | Recoil | Danuser. He's helped many other members with parts...
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    Re: Sigma phoenix tiller slip clutch

    I labored for two days last week attempting to adjust the clutch on my rotary cutter. I found in retrospect that it would have been much simpler to loosen a single bolt to remove the shaft and slip...
  28. Re: Help. Woods Brushbull driveline hookup.

    I had a problem getting mine on the other day for the first time. I found two things that helped me: first, I had to manually line up the splines on the shaft with the grooves on the PTO, and then...
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    Re: How to keep grease from melting.

    I started using the JD Polyurea grease when we bought our rider in 2007. Right away, every time I picked up the grease gun, green liquid would leak from the piston end of the tube past the handle...
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    Re: Air Compressor

    I agonized over a purchase selection for many days last year. The tools I was getting called for 9 cfm @ 90 psi, so I wound up having to buy a 60 gallon unit with more than 2 HP to get that kind of...
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    Re: 3pt auger on a Kioti Dk50se

    The DK40SE, DK45SE, and DK50SE are all the same dimensions. I would call Everything Attachments and ask them, they probably know.
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    Posthole Digger Re: Owners Manual

    You might try Sweet Farm Equipment. They advertise here, and are a dealer for Greenline.
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    Re: My new Woods BB 72 rotary mower

    I got to use my BB72X for the first time over the weekend, and really like it. Much less noise and vibration than I expected, and actually made mowing fun for me again (of course, the cab and a/c...
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    Re: imatch quick attach bushing

    I've found that Land Pride lists the top bushings as parts for the attached implement. If you look at the parts list for your box blade, you should be able to find the right bushing.
  35. Mowing Re: DK40se HST Rear remote float detent slope mower need suggestions ideas

    The detent position on the Kioti is not for float. It is used to provide continuous hydraulic flow to an attachment with its own control valves, notably a backhoe or a splitter. I don't believe...
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    Re: CK2510 poor preperation by dealer

    My dealer tells me that he has never received a backhoe with the kit, and the kit is not available for ordering as either whole goods or as a part. I needed it for my down force kit on my post hole...
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    Re: 3PH Shudder with Draft Control

    You're right, I stand corrected. That's what happens trying to remember stuff for more than 50 years!
  38. Rotary Cutter Re: Land Pride rotary cutter blade does not rotate

    If your mower has one of those plastic cans attached for the operators manual, you might stick some spare shear pins in it, to keep them handy. With the tools you need in your toolbox on the...
  39. Rotary Cutter Re: Land Pride rotary cutter blade does not rotate

    According to the parts manual for your mower, the shear bolt is a 1/2-13x3 grade 2 bolt. You can download operator and parts manuals here: RCR12 Series Rotary Cutters | Land Pride
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    Re: MF 31 Sickle Mower Refurbish

    Try this link for your parts book:

    If that doesn't work for you, go to Agco Parts Books, click on the View Books...
  41. Re: Motorola Talkabout handheld radios for the farm.

    My wife and I had a set of those when we lived in an RV over ten years ago. We got them to help guide me into back-in parking spots. They communicated just fine, but I found her instructions...
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    Tractor Sizing Re: Need help selecting equipment

    When I first started looking seriously in 2005, I thought I wanted an X700 with loader, pto, and three point hitch. The Deere dealer I was talking to told me that he could sell me a then-current...
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    Re: Broke brass grease fitting

    I bought one of the LockNLube couplers a couple of weeks ago, and used it to lube my loader pins last week for the first time (15 whole hours now!). I loved it. It locked on so I didn't have to...
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    Re: 3PH Shudder with Draft Control

    Allis-Chalmers used what they called a Fast Hitch to avoid patent issues with Harry Ferguson. It was a two-point click hitch, you backed up to the implement and it clicked into the hitch points. ...
  45. Re: What do I need to attach this to my tractor's drawbar?

    The vertical piece at the front of the harrow with all the holes allows for height adjustment of the coupler. Remove the bolt from the coupler and the top holes, and remount the coupler at the...
  46. Thread: Brush Hog

    by GreenWannabe

    Re: Brush Hog

    There are generally three PTO guards involved. The main one is the plastic tube that runs outside the PTO shaft, and includes a bell housing at each end which partially guard the universal joints. ...
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    Re: Do they make this type of snowblower?

    John Deere sells the Frontier SB21 series loader mounted snowblowers. Their website is here: John*Deere SB21 Series Loader-Mount Snow Blower Snow Removal Equipment
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    Re: DK Model Variations

    C is used to denote cabbed tractors, H to denote hydrostatic. The DK50SE series is later than the original DK50 series.
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    Re: John Deere Planters

    Yetter still makes the 71 planters, under their own name. You might also contact them.
  50. Re: kubota backhoe old k650 bucket or interchangeable

    Arps is succeeded by Ameriquip, who still build OEM loaders and backhoes.
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    Re: JD 755 Belly Mower Wanted

    John Deere used to offer a 60 in. Mid-Mount Side Discharge Mower for the 755 tractor, as whole goods code 2734M. It required a mounting kit, whole goods code 1000 or BM16947. It was still listed in...
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    Box Scraper Re: Craiglist rollover box blade

    I searched Craigslist for months with no success to find a six foot robb, and finally found a new old stock one about 300 miles away at a dealer, but for a whole lot more money. Good find!
  53. Re: Grapple that doesn't require 3rd function hydraulics?

    Westendorf makes one, the BC-4000 Brush Crusher. It replaces the pin-on bucket, and uses the dump/curl cylinders to operate the grapple.
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    Re: Befco grader/land plane WOW !!

    I have the same problem with a large number of pictures, including older ones. Seems like something isn't working right today.
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    Backhoe Re: KB2475 Hydraulics getting very hot.

    My dealer tells me they don't get these parts with their backhoes, and simply plumb them to the return port through the valve. I need the parts for this kit in order to hook up a hydraulic down...
  56. Re: Looking for a tiller for my JD 2210 - King Kutter TG-48 a good option?

    Because the three point hitch on the 2210 is a limited category 1, a better choice would be the King Kutter XB 48. You can see it on their website, here: ...
  57. Re: Considerations In DISC HARROW SELECTION For 18-45-hp Tractors

    Hi, Jeff, I realize I am entering into this thread a little late. Great write up! I'm going to keep a copy of this one.

    You said you like manuals - I found one on the Howse site, here: Product...
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    Re: Bushings for Pats Quick hitch

    Tractor Supply carries a cat 2 to cat 1 bushing, here:

    CountyLine® Category 2 to 1 Lift Arm Bushing - Tractor Supply Co.

    They also have two different length cat 2 pins for cat 1 implements,...
  59. Re: Compact tractor brands that have bit the dust.

    Challenger is still around, a brand from AGCO. They no longer distribute compact or smaller utility tractors, the smallest being 75 HP.
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    Re: 50 hour Hydro Oil for the non believers

    Thank you! I've changed my service manual to add the missing bullet. I know I'll probably reach the fifty hour mark later this year, and would probably not have done the transmission fluid,...
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    Firestone lists one, but I don't know what their price would be. You might also try local tractor dealers, as they might be able to order them for you.
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    Buying Advice Re: Kubota vs JD...newbie with 80 acres

    Length of your posts isn't a problem for me, wolc123. But they would be easier to read if they were broken up into paragraphs every three or four sentences. A single long paragraph is more...
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    Re: Big tractor syndrome

    There are a lot of people who swear by larger tractors, and a lot more who swear by their small tractors. While I personally think you are getting good advice, in the final analysis it matters what...
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    Re: Turf tire options

    Some manufacturers offer both the common chevron pattern and the diamond pattern. Just search for R3 turf tires and you will find many sites.
  65. Re: BH77 Backhoe--Introduction Date? (Vs. BH75 Discontinuation Date?)

    No, came from another site, but from Kubota documents.
  66. Re: BH77 Backhoe--Introduction Date? (Vs. BH75 Discontinuation Date?)

    It was listed in late 2009, but not in late 2010.
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    Re: Turf tire options

    If you are talking about your Powerstar, front 13.6-16.1 8PR R3 (4wd) or 11L-15 8PR F3 (2wd), rear 16.9-24 6PR R3_Turf. These tires use different size wheels than R1s. Other tractors would be...
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    Re: Need Weight of the 2008 L3400HST

    This information comes from a spec sheet I downloaded from the Kubota website in 2009.

    Overall length (w/o 3 pt hitch): 106.5
    Overall width (minimum tread): 51.4
    Overall height (with ROPS): ...
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    Buying Advice Re: Kubota B3300SU vs B3200HSD

    What kind of mowing do you want to do on the 5 to 10 acres? If you want it to be a lawn, then either a mid-mount mower or a rear-mount finish mower would do the job. If you only want to rough cut...
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    Re: Switching tires - Turf to R4

    R-4s also have a higher load capacity, important for loader use.
  71. Re: APPLES to APPLES - comparisons between Cab HST models around 50 HP (SPREADSHEET)

    It depends on the tractor, I think that some do. Some others, like JD, offer it as an option.
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    Re: Seriously?

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    Re: Buying a mini 4x4 tractor

    You might also consider the John Deere 650 or 750, made by Yanmar, but fully supported by John Deere. Tough, well regarded tractors made from 1981 to 1989.
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    Tractor Sizing Re: Looking for Kubota recommendations

    I know you asked specifically about Kubota, and don't know if there is some overriding reason for specifically wanting a Kubota or not. But I would recommend that once you decide what size tractor...
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    Re: JD 3038E vs Kubota L3200

    The CT McCormick tractors are no longer available in the US, although they still seem to be in Canada. The newer McCormick X10 series replaced them, made by Daedong (Kioti).
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    Re: Diehard batteries

    I had one of those J. C. Penney Lifetime batteries, and had it replaced several times. After J. C. Penney closed their auto centers, they had Firestone replace the batteries for them. Those...
  77. Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    I purchased a Kioti DK45SE for the 12 acres we have. I'm delighted with it so far, although I haven't been able to use it much yet.

    In my search, I decided what tasks I needed to do first, and...
  78. Re: What is the most standard width on the compact tractors?

    Mine is about 73".
  79. Re: Parte dealer supplier for XUZHOU XM-14 loader.

    I would suggest you contact the manufacturer, here: XCMG Contact XCMG | China XCMG (. They should be able to tell you where you can get parts.
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    Re: engine won't turn over

    I would check the PTO switch and make sure the brake is on.
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    Re: Do's and Dont's Advice

    Friend of mine in Kansas goes shares with a farmer who does it for a living, 60% to the farmer and 40% to my friend. My friend bush hogs the perimeter of the fields and sprays weed killer, the...
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    Re: service book

    Since Fiat merged with New Holland, I would suggest you try a New Holland dealer. They should be able to order a book for you, as well as any parts you need.
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    Re: Cab or No Cab

    I also live in Northern Alabama, and went through this same process in looking for my first (and only!) tractor year before last. I decided that a cab made sense for me: summer heat, winter cold,...
  84. Re: What Older Reliable Tractor for Small Farm?

    One point I would add, check any prospects to be sure they have a three point hitch, as most manufacturers did not earlier than the sixties. International, Allis Chalmers, and Case all had...
  85. Re: Trouble Convincing Signifcant Other to Buy SCUT

    That sounds suspiciously like one of those crazy ads for a well-known satellite TV provider!

    After my wife had cancer the first time, she told everyone she talked to, "If there is something you...
  86. Re: mulch kit, gators or Bag with gator blades. Need opinions!

    You should be able to order the mulching kit from your John Deere dealer as whole goods, from sales rather than parts. It has the extra shields, blades, and other parts needed for mulching. Kits...
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    Re: Where to buy tooth bar?

    I bought a W.R. Long toothbar from my dealer as part of my tractor buy. Your dealer should be able to order a toothbar for you, but may not have any in stock. You can also find toothbars at...
  88. Re: Looking at old grain trucks... Need help.

    IIRC, the maximum GVW on the old 6400's was around 19,500 to 20,000 lbs, although that might be later 50s models to get that high. Chevy had two models of two ton trucks back then, the 6100 and the...
  89. Re: mulch kit, gators or Bag with gator blades. Need opinions!

    I have a 20 year old LX 176 I bought used in 2007. I ordered a mulcher kit for it, and have been very happy with it. It does leave some clippings, but they are much smaller than a standard side...
  90. Re: Looking at a Cockshutt. Can you still get parts for them.

    According to, The Cockshutt 1365 is identical to the Oliver 1365, which became the White 1370. It was made by Fiat, and many parts are probably still available for it through any of...
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    Re: Loader for John Deere 5303

    I would look at a loader mounted on a tractor at your JD dealer. They've used a center mount design for a number of years now, and I haven't read any problems with it breaking the tractor. I think...
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    Re: new holland disc mower

    I took this information from a spec sheet I downloaded a few years ago. Please pardon the spacing, not much I can do about it.

    MODEL 617

    Cutting width, ft. in. (mm) 9' 2" (2800)...
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    Re: Georgia and tractors

    CNH had a plant in Dublin, GA, which was the final assembly point for the Shibaura sourced Case IH and New Holland compact tractors. They closed this plant a few years ago when they changed from...
  94. Price Check Re: KB2485 vs KB2475 backhoe price on DKseries

    When Deere brought out their cabbed tractors, the available hoes would not fit. They had to redesign the hoes, with new model numbers, which fit further back. I've tried to find a Woods mount kit...
  95. Re: APPLES to APPLES - comparisons between Cab HST models around 50 HP (SPREADSHEET)

    I found it very interesting that the Massey came in at a price comparable to the Kioti. When I was looking in early 2012, the Massey was as much as the Kubota, otherwise I might have one. Are you...
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    Re: Loader for John Deere 5303

    Several manufacturers make loaders which fit the 5303. The ones I found:

    John Deere 512 and 553
    Koyker 185
    Quicke 200 (available through Rhino and Bush Hog) Q21 and Q28
    Westendorf - many...
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    Snowblower Re: Snowblower for Kubota B7510

    In 2005, Kubota offered the B2781 51" front-mounted blower for the B7510. It required a B2733 Quick Hitch subframe kit, as well as a mid-mount pto, a pto driveline, a snowblower chute kit, and...
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    Quick Hitches Re: Land Pride Quick Hitch

    I found a Land Pride spacer, part number 308-400D, to fit just right for the top hook on my Woods Cat 1 quick hitch. I bought three of them for use on different implements, and now need to buy a...
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    Re: Kubota Quick Hitch

    Try BL1767.
  100. Snowblower Re: john deere type 32 serial # 05633m 32" snow blower

    I have copies of some old JD literature from the 1975-1980 time period. It shows the model 32 snow blower on the 100, 108, and 111 lawn tractors. By 1985, it was apparently no longer listed. HTH.
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