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I recentlly purchased a Shibaura tractor, model D34F, 4X4, it is a 4 cyclinder turbo diesel, I think it is rated at 3
8 HP. My questions are: Does anyone know where I can get a owner or service manual for it? Does anone know what type of oil I should be using in the transmission, Diff's, steering and hydraulic system? and Last, where do I get parts? Thanks in advance for any information.
Owner's Manual: Good luck finding one. When you do please let me know the source. You can get a parts manual though. See the link earlier in this thread

Trans fluid: Not sure what to use

Diffs: I used 75w90 semi syn

Motor oil: I used Rotella T 15w40

Hyd system: you will just have to search the forum

Parts: Here are three that i know of
Gray Market Tractor Parts from Best Used Tractors Tractor Parts
Shibaura Tractor Parts and Manuals - Yesterday's Tractor Co.
Southern Global Tractor - Home