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    Default Shibaura: front axle fluid

    Can any one tell me the type of gear oil and capacity i should be putting in the front axle housing and diff of my 4X4 P17F Shibaura?


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    Default Re: Shibaura: front axle fluid

    Suggest you drain the fluid out, eye balling the amount. 3 quarts? 5 quarts?
    Assuming it was full to begin, or nearly so.

    This will tell you the capacity. It is sometimes difficult to hit with exact precision the capacities as stated in some spec sheets or manuals for a variety of reasons. Then begin to refill. Re-fill until the "line" is hit. Different tractors have differing methods of marking "full".

    4 wheel, and if in a warmer climate, 80w90 or even udt is fine, but I like the flow rate of a semi-synthetic gear lube. 75w90 semi synthetics is affordable and readily available, even at Wally's. Best wishes.

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    Default Re: Shibaura: front axle fluid

    just less than 3 quarts of 90w.


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    Default Re: Shibaura: front axle fluid

    thanks for the input guys.

    Ya, i think i will use semi-syn gear oil. even though i keep my tractor garaged in the winter it gets mighty cold up here.


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