welll finaly got her running... at first i thought my fuel pump wasnt working i took it apart and there was GAS in it.... i could smell that foul liquid in my diesel soo i pulled it and bleed out alllll the gas and fir the first time in 2 years she came to life....

the bad...

my muffler fell off when she roared to life... ( fixed it by welding on a 3 foot piece of steel tube ( not fence post) was gonna use fence post but the steel tube just happened to be a better fit

2 none of my electrics work ( other than my tach and hour meter witch by the way 12.2hours <<< no lie
but no lights no horn and if i leave my batt hooked up for 2 long my alt smells like burning well alternator but... because its a mechanical motor and the ony way to kill it is to eather cut off the diesel or air... its not really important to me just charge the battery every night so she cranks in the mornin right?

but she moves and im gonna slap some new pant on her and see if i can get some new stickers... ( arizona dun beat her up)

oh and hi im new here how are you fellows