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    Shibaura SD1840

    Default Shibaura SD1840 - what is the Ford model / need oil and air filter.

    I need to change the engine oil/filter/air cleaner (current oil filter Dutsch D485, no markings on air filter). What weight engine oil is recommended?

    Also what is the Ford model - the alt/generator is out and needs to be replaced.

    If something like the water pump went out, will a Ford water pump work?

    I guess in short - asking where to go online to check for parts.

    Thanks for all comments.

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    Kubota B7100 Shibaura SD1840 (Ford 1500)

    Default Re: Shibaura SD1840 - what is the Ford model / need oil and air filter.

    no answers to your original question July 2015 ?
    I just purchased a SD1840 and the owner gave me 2 Ford 1500 service manuals and a parts book & told me it was the same tractor.
    I have not had a chance to research this fully yet as i just got it home.
    I need to find out why it is running bad? the previous owner put a new fuel pump on it and thinks that the fuel injection timing was not set correctly?

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