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    Default Decided a FarmTrac 270

    Well my wife and I went and drove some tractors today and decided to go with the FarmTrac 270DTC. The other tractor in the running was a NH TC30. I have a friend at the NH dealer so the salesman said he gave me a good price on the TC30, I have no reason to doubt this but is was still several thousand more than the FarmTrac. My wife on the other hand knows the owner of the FarmTrac dealer. I am not sure if we will get any better of a deal but it made me more secure in buying a lesser known brand. Then it came down to ride, my wife just like the FarmTrac better. Both have a gear drive but with the FarmTrac you didn't feel like you were getting whiplash when you started out even in high gear. Then the FarmTrac also has a shuttle which was a plus. We test drove a TC30 with an HST also and didn't like it. This was just a personal preference nothing against HST. I will admit though having the engine rpm and ground speed essentially separate was nice for the HST. Now I hope I never need that, we will not be mowing. So once the 48mo 0% financing starts in June we will own a tractor.

    Thank you everyone who replied to some of my other postings helping me decide on what to buy.


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    Eric, if you like it then you are making the right decision. And don't be afraid to mow with a gear drive CUT. I was just doing so today, they turn on a dime. That 0% at 4 years is very attractive. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] So I take it that you like the dealer. I believe they are a very important part of the equation. I was nosing around a dealer today while taking a lunch break from all my hard work. Let's see. He was a long time Feed and Seed operator who decided to get into tractors. No service bay that I could detect. Not all that helpful either. No, I wouldn't consider buying from him. Check out your dealers place just a thoroughly as you do the tractor. The $$$ you're about to spend should buy you more than just a tractor. The more I look around, the more I'm convinced of this. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Decided a FarmTrac 270

    Congrats on the new tractor. The LG manufactured machines are very nice. Post some pictures when you get a chance. Good luck!


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