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    Default Simplicity ZTR Drive Belt Problem

    I just purchased a Simplicity ZTR, 16hp (Kohler)Hydro 40 inch cut, Model 1692906, manufacture date 1998. When I pulled it off the truck, NO MOVEMENT. mmmm drove it on, determined the drive belt was off, put it back on, drove it, bam drive belt off. I am fast at putting this thing on, lol. I have determined the drive belt comes off if I engage the BRAKE? So I send the boy to get me another belt, cant find one, oh well, put the old back on, and yes bam put the brake on, off comes the belt. I did determine a couple of the belt keepers were a little far, out of adjustment, moved them back.

    Any common fixes? I contacted the original owner who said the belt on the unit was installed over a year ago= but he does not ever remember using the brake? I set it out of habit. I have also noticed the safety switches have all been by passed.

    I am considering purchasing the recommended belt- part # 1732945, maybe the replacement belt was a universal belt and a little too long, so when the brake is applied the tensioner is released it is providing too much play and bam belt comes off?

    Other than that its nice, fun and cool.

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    Default Re: Simplicity ZTR Drive Belt Problem

    Check for belt stops and make sure they're adjusted correctly. A belt will often jump off, when disengaged, if the belt stops aren't adjusted close enough to prevent that from happening. They shouldn't rub the belt when engaged, but typically should have no more than 1/16" to 1/8" clearance. Then, when you disengage the belt, relieving that "spring tension" the belt stops keep it in the same general place without allowing it jump off...

    You can download the Owner's Manual for it, for free, by visiting Simplicity's site.
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    Default Re: Simplicity ZTR Drive Belt Problem

    Check the bearings on the belt drive had to replace mine after 200 hours.

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