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    Default Simplicity Legacy wandering steering

    I have a '99 Legacy that wanders all over. I take pride in my stripes and when mowing it'll all of a sudden veer to the right or left a foot and you have to chase it back. the dealer (high school drop outs, I'm sure) couldn't fix it. help?

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    Default Re: Simplicity Legacy wandering steering

    I don't know exactly what to tell you will fix this, but I always thought the power steering on my '06 MF 2823 (Prestige) was kinda loose and vague compared to the PS on Dad's Deere 345. If your Legacy has a tilt steering wheel I would check the u-joint in the tilt mechanism to make sure it's tight. My steering started binding last summer and when I picked it up from the dealership for repair the mechanic said he tightened the u-joint. It drove completely different after that--the steering was more precise than it had ever been, even better than brand new. Another thing to check is to pull the deck and crawl under the tractor. Check the steering gears to make sure they're meshing well and that the bolts/nuts are tight. Mine vibrated loose and would skip teeth every now and then; I tightened the bolts and it's been fine since.
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