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    Default FEL homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest

    Hi guys as promised but delayed a few more shots of my homebuilt loader. First kudos to Paul at P F Engineering I purchased the basic plans from him last fall worth every penny it was my first hydraulic project and had a bunch of dumb questions I probably contacted him 4 or 5 times over length of build he was always very helpful After reviewing plans soon realized it wouldn't be a walk in the park I didn't wanta cut up the Sim wanted it to have a "bolt on factory look" So I decided that my vertical towers would be angled backward to pick up body lines on the hood Well that was like going from round wheels to square wheels (almost) Anyway it did really mess up all the hydr ram travel and geometry struggled for several days with thin aluminum strips that where drilled with holes to represent the rams at rest and at extended. Being a machinist with my own well equipped shop I added a few nicer touches I radius milled lots of the parts including the pivoting ends of the lifting arms they are also reamed, fitted with flanged oil lite bushings and assembled with shoulder bolts had originally planned to go with a 44" wide bucket but after urging by my welder friend "uncle dick" it stayed 4 feet wide local fab shop bent the bucket shell for me (90$) labor was my metal I welded everything myself except the bucket side panels and heli arcing the NPT ports on the tower Other friend "doctor joe" helped a great deal with cutting and drilling the steel then mockup and repeated assembly and
    disassembly As steel work started to come together my wife remarked that Simplicity orange was nearly the same color as Phillips 66 orange
    So guess what its Phillips orange so everything was torn apart one last time some recycled steel was sandblasted welds where ground and all steel was degreased throughly we had a very mild thanksgiving 2011 and I was lucky enough to paint in late Nov 2 coats epoxy primer and 3 coats of acrylic enamel a few days after paint drying dr joe, joes dad Allen and I reassembled things fit up nicely
    A old hi school friend Paul and I did all the hose and hydraulic assembly in a day and half
    Paul from PF eng. furnished us with a check list to do the hydraulic fluid "injection" we only lost about 1/4 qt of ATF
    The owners manual of my old AC 616 says machine weights approx. 1000 # at rear axle so that photo kinda shows the FEL capacity
    So I think saying it will lift 500 lb. is quite realistic
    Its been a real workhorse look at the battle scars on the bucket I don't baby it We only had 1 serious snowstorm last winter
    but it was a very heavy slushy mess I bought a set of chains at TSC tractor was awesome I was lifting very very watery snow
    building snowbanks approaching 5 feet tall
    Have had several minor problems would notice a wandering front wheel a small hand file and new spindle snap ring fixed that in 20 min
    and broke the rod end on the tractors power steering ram another easy quick fitted!
    Hey my daughter is ready to load photos so more later thats light years past me
    thanks Gary

    goggle PF Eng plans to get info on diy tractor FEL and bucket loaders Paul in Amherst ,Mass
    I just rec my micro backhoe plans for the old AC616
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0407-jpg   FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0408-jpg   FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0409-jpg   FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0418-jpg   FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0420-jpg  

    FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0422-jpg   FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0424-jpg   FEL  homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest-img_0425-jpg  

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    Default Re: FEL homebuilt on current model Simplicity Conquest


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