New guy to the forum. I bought a used Legacy XL last summer (not sure on year but had ~350 hours on it). Was running great with no problems and I really liked the cut. Near the end of the summer, I noticed the display panel which normally displays the hours run, simply read "Error 1". I called my local dealer and they had no clue what that meant. That, however, did not seem to cause any problems. In the early fall, the power steering completely went out. No control over the steering whatsoever. Of course I was out in the yard cutting at the time so I had to manually pull on the wheels to get them straight, hit the gas for 10 feet then stop and repeat all the way back to my garage. I cannot get it to the dealer to have them look at it because I cannot get it up on my trailer with no steering. Looking for any advice:

1) What is the "Error 1" message?
2) What causes the power steering to just completely stop working suddenly and completely?

Also, the hydraulics still work for the front attachments and lowering/raising the deck. only the steering has disappeared.