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    Question Replacing Snapper Rear Engine drive disc.

    I have been using my Snapper with the "bulldozer" blade and now the drive is slippiing.

    I ordered replacement disc and received third party replacement parts not Snapper?

    The parts I received have a "Drive Disc Lining".

    It is a semi rigid strip 1" wide x 16" long about 3/8" longer than the outside diameter of the Driven Cup and Hub.

    It has green paper on both sides.

    1st question:

    Do I remove the paper? It does not peel off easily!

    2nd question:

    Since the ID of the new Friction Ring (drive disc) is larger than the original will I have to adjust the motor disc or anything?

    3rd question:

    How do you replace the drive disc assemble?

    A step by step would be appreciated.

    4th question:

    since the length of the drive disc liner is longer than the circumference how do I cut the liner.

    I wish the parts house had said that they were only selling third party replacement parts I might have tried to get original Snapper parts.

    Thank you for the help.


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    Default Re: Replacing Snapper Rear Engine drive disc.

    first off some snapper drive disc use the friction liner and some don't. If your uses the liner it should fit inside the drive disc snuggly without cutting to size, be careful when installing because it will break. unless the engine drive plate has been moved you not have to adjust it. there is normally 4 nuts that you remove that are attached to short carriage bolts to remove and reinstall the disc.
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    Smile Re: Replacing Snapper Rear Engine drive disc.

    Thanks RANDYT, turns out what wore the drive disc down wasn't using the bulldozer blade but that there is a 3/8" support rod that had gotten bent and was bearing on the drive disc.

    Once I saw that the original drive disc had the friction liner inside the drive disc. I was able to insert the liner as you say with out cutting it.

    The paper was glued on, not peel and stick, so apparently you do not need to worry about it. I suppose it was just my ignorance that prompted the question.

    The only difficulty was in removing the four nuts. I finally put a 1" socket on the large nut in the center to keep the disc from turning. I rounded of some corners of one nut not having the open end wrench fully seated, I used a socket and breaker bar for the rest, the nuts are tight.

    Thanks again, great machine.


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