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    Default axle boot replacement rear engine model 331415BVE

    I replaced axle boot on left side no problem. the right side has gears and chain and seems to be different to take . Does everything come off as a unit or do you have to take the plate off first exposing the gears and take apart to get it off the axle. have all the bolts out and still will not come out or off axle. even after a little persuasion. what is wrong? Finally figured it out. I was thinking the axle was a 2 piece. For others out there needing to replace boots. Take left side off by pulling hub. then take plate off by removing bolts to frame then right side take bolts out holding plate to frame. then push whole axle including right side with gears as a single unit still attached thru from left .
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    Default Re: axle boot replacement rear engine model 331415BVE

    If you have done the L/H side,you are half way there. Many people have the most trouble getting the hub off the L/H axle.After removing the L/h hub,and "fender" the clamps on the boots,should be loosened,and the bolts,removed from the R/H "fender",then the whole R/H assembly should slide out through the chaincase.Something may be binding on the "hex tube",on which the chain case slides.Clean the exposed part of the "hex tube" before trying to slide things,apart. There are 2 axles,but the entire trans/differential,assembly must be dis-assembled to separate them.

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