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    Default snapper LT-16 riding mower/ yard tractor

    when I am in Hi shift lever on left of seat the mower will not go up an incline, regardless of what gear # I am in. Is there an adjustment I can make? It seems to go fine on level ground or down hill but not up.

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    Default Re: snapper LT-16 riding mower/ yard tractor

    I believe your problem is something called a driven disc. It is available through several online parts places. This is a steel (for lack of a better term) wheel with a rubber tire affixed. This tire runs against a metal plate and the movement of that tire against the plate is what changes speeds. If the tire wears out then the mower will not pull in high gear only in low gear and eventually will not pull in low gear either. If you are handy you can change this part yourself. On the rear of the tractor is a trap door the disc is accessible through there. The online retailer I use is Jacks Small All one word. Also there is Both places seem to have parts in stock and they very a few cents from each other. You might need to call them to make sure you get the correct part number for your tractor. You can also verify with them that this is your problem. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: snapper LT-16 riding mower/ yard tractor

    The driven disc on my YT16D484K spins freely on the hub which it is mounted on after reinstalling all the bolts. Is ther supposed to be something between the driven disk and the mount disk?

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    Default Re: snapper LT-16 riding mower/ yard tractor

    I changed the disc for $15.00 it was easy.the disc has rubber on the outside and a friction material on the inside.The disc is designed to have a little play in it because it also driven by a smaller drum that the disc fits over. 4 nuts and washers remove it. Darndest set up I have ever seen. Snappers can be odd. Change it so you understand how it works. Don"t change to a faster range going up hill.On level you can change speed without the clutch one speed at a time.

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