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    Default Plowing snow with rear blade

    I have a Woods rear blade on a 3030. Can push the snow or or should I drag it behind the tractor. If I push it doesn't dig in as bad because of the curve in the blade. Simple question..just don't need to bust anything. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    Welcome to the forum.
    What is under the snow? asphalt, gravel, frozen ?

    Where are you located - generally?

    Might look at the threads that discuss putting a plastic pipe along the edge of the blade. Less cutting in to "things" and I'd think less wear and tear on the rear blade.

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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    For me it depends on the road surface and amount of snow. First, I always try to pull instead of push - don't have to look back as much. On the gravel and with light snow, I usually turn the blade around backwards, angle the blade and drive forward. I try to skim the surface so I don't remove my gravel. This works if the snow is not very deep and works better for a heavier blade than a light blade. If I can't dig down deep enough due to heavy snow, ice or packed snow, I will turn the blade forward, angle and use the blade driving forward. When turned forward, I try to use just enough weight on the blade to do the job of moving the snow but not my gravel. Your tractor will have more traction driving forward than in reverse.

    I drive in reverse, with the blade turned backwards, if I want the push the snow farther from the edge of the road or if I want to push into piles. If you push backwards too hard or hit a solid obstruction, you can run the risk of bending lift arms or breaking the pins/lift arm attachment to the tractor. That can be a very $$$ repair. If driving in reverse and with blade turned backwards, the blade will want to dig deeper than needed and requires more skill when used in that method.

    On a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, I leave the blade forward, angled and just drive forward.

    After 1-2 snows, you will have discovered what works best for your blade and tractor. More than one way to get the same job done. Some methods work better than others depending on equipment and amount of snow. Now go have fun in the snow!

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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    It's gravel. 1 3/4" minus in some places. I was not aware I could reverse the blade. But you guys did answer my question....not a good idea pushing with the blade. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    I drive over the snow for the initial passes if it's more then 5" or so deep. The back blade is set so it's an inch or so about the surface. That let's me use both the loader bucket and blade.
    For the final passes and clean up, I'll reverse and push the snow with the blade all the way down.
    My reasoning is this: The 3PH is really designed to pull, not push, so the stresses are reduced for the heavier load. Unfortunately, my old blade is not reversable nor can I rotate it enough so the convex side faces the direction oftravel when I'm driving forward.
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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    My blade allows a swivel so that I can pull the blade facing either direction.

    No need to ever go backwards.
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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    I pushed mine for years, seemed easier, untill I added a front plow.

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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    I mostly pull forward and only push back in a couple of spots where necessary. Like RoyJackson, I will make a first pass with the blade raised some if the snow is deep. I also straddle the banks with blade slightly raised to push the bank back further to reduce drifting.

    You can change the 'bit' of the blade by adjusting the length of the top link. When going forward, shorting the link will lessen the bit.
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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    If the snow's not too deep, I drive over it and pull. If it's more than 4 inches I turn it around and push.

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    Default Re: Plowing snow with rear blade

    Actually I looked on Woods web site and I have the Standard-Duty Rear Blades - RB Series. Not sure I can flip mine around. May try the PVC pipe.

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