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    Default snow tires

    Just wondering what works better in the snow turf tires or R4 bar tires. In my little test it seemed like the turfs turned much better and had better traction then the bar tires. Is there a siped type of snow tire made for a bx24 ?

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    Default Re: snow tires

    I prefer turfs year round.

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    Default Re: snow tires

    Drive your turf tires over fresh snow and look at the tracs. Compare them to R4 treads driven over the snow. You will see many more lines running across the tread path from side to side on the turfs. All those continuous little lines are points of traction. That's what you look for in car tires for snow. Uninterrupted lines across the tread path. Don't know if that applies to tractors. But there are a lot more individual points of contact and lines of traction on turf tires than there are on R4s, which seem to work better in snow on pavement or ice. Our tractor has the advantage of clearing a path in front of it and not having to go through deep snow. I think the R4s may do better in deep wet snow. I base that on my turf tires not being able to climb up a pile of snow. They spin. R4s tend to grab into the pile with the cleats and drive up the pile.

    So, my personal experience is turfs work better on slick pavement and ice because of more contact points and continuous lines across the tread and are great for pushing a plow or bucket on pavement or ice while R4s work better in really deep snow and climbing up piles and such. Others' experiences may differ.

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    Default Re: snow tires

    In my experience, turfs are better in snow and ice. My B7100 had turfs, my B7610 has R4's. I'm looking for a good deal on turfs for the B7610.

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    Default Re: snow tires

    I agree with all, had both on my tractor and I am glad I kept my turfs.... I will have them back on next year for winter......
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