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    Default Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    Hi all-looking at purchasing a JD 2320 with FEL and 62"mmm. The snow plow available from JD is a 54" front-mounted bade that many TBN'er's say is not wide enough when the blade is angled-the blade doesn't cover the back tire
    which then makes the job more difficult by compacting the un-plowed snow. Some guys bolt extensions to the blade to add the necessary width but I'm curious if there are other solutions? Thanks-Phil D

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    Default Re: Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    There are not really other options unless you cab weld/fabricate. I made an older JD #380 blade fit my machine (pictures in the link in my sig). The extensions are the easiest way.

    I wish JD would get on the ball with this!

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    Default Re: Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    In terms of new and or used blades check with the kubota or MF dealers. The 60" power angle blade on my Honda looks identical to the 60" blade used on the MF GC23xx series. The QA bracket mounts on the front weight bracket by means of a screw clamp. At one point I was seriously considering mounting the Honda blade on my 3320, but just kept the Honda tractor / blade instead. Here is a pic of the MF version - 60" power angle blade.

    The JD weight bracket may be a bit small, but if you need the exact dimensions for the MF QA I could send them to you later. From memory about 13" x 5" x 3/8" is fairly close. It would be easy to get a correct size made that could just bolt on the existing JD bracket.
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    Default Re: Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    You might want to contact Arthur Randall Corporation to see if they have one for the 2320 or not. I have a 2305 myself with the JD 54" blade and I would prefer it to be 60" also. They have some videos on their web site of the plows they are making right now. I will try to post the link for you to the page but I am new at this just in case it does not work please forgive me.Arthur Randall Corporation

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    Default Re: Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    Phil D,
    I will add my two cents in about plow width for the JD2320. A 54" plow width is without question too small for the 2320. A 54" inch plow blade angled to a full 30 deg. will leave a path approximately 47 inches wide (maybe), my 2320 measures approximately 50 inches across the rear tires. I have been running a homemade 66" for about 23 years, 21 years was with the plow attached to a JD650 which is smaller than the 2320. I am seriously thinking about a new blade of 72 inches. I may sell my old blade, maybe!

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    Default Re: Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    Do you think I should forge ahead with the 54" plow and weld on extensions or abandon the JD plow and go a different route altogether? Many users advocate the 54" plow and the retrofit afterwards.

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