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    Default Single stage frount mount opinion

    I just bought a 2006 JD X720 mower. The unit also has a 46" front mount single stage snow thrower that is shaft driven. Anyone have this sigle stage model? It was really a hold over from the 400 series deere mowers.

    Just wondering if this works well or if I should see about swaping for a twin stage. The owner of this didn't use it much due to he winters in the south. Any machine this large (tractor is 26 hp) I have used always had a 2 stage. My experience with single stage was on much smaller machines which wouldn't handle a 2 stage. Now this unit does have an auger that is about twice the diameter of any single i have used.

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    Default Re: Single stage frount mount opinion

    I've seen those newer single stages in action. They work about as well as any single stage I've ever seen, but I haven't seen a 2-stage that doesn't beat them.

    If you get any lake effect snow, it's a no-brainer upgrade. Otherwise, it's just a question of budget vs performance.

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    Default Re: Single stage frount mount opinion

    I cleared a 1/3 mile private road, on the windy side of a lake, in the 70's with a JD 14hp single lung Kohler HST and 42" single stage blower on the front. They work......not as good as a two stage.....but they will do the job. At least give it a try before you spend more $$$$....
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    Wink Re: Single stage frount mount opinion

    Good morning,

    I would keep the single stage snow caster and purchase a few cans of fluid film or a gallon of fluid film to coat the snow caster and the auger with the fluid film and you will be in slick city as you will have no snow sticking to the snow caster and the fluid film will prevent rust as it coats and penetrates the metal of the snow caster.

    I use fluid film on the two toro snow pups I own and I can personally tell you it works with heavy snows here in the finger lakes.

    The key with using a single stage snow caster at its most efficient is the cold air temperature and cold snow pack temperature.

    The colder it is when you start throwing snow the better as the snow fall is light and has not melted and become more dense.

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    Default Re: Single stage frount mount opinion

    I'll chime in with the others - use the one you have and get to know which of its features you like and which you don't - if any. It will definitely move the snow - and may be well-enough matched to your needs. The 2-stage rigs pitch it further but that only counts if you need it.
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