I've got a JD 1032 walk behind snowblower that I'm trying to recondition before winter. Need to replace the auger and impeller bushings. Got all of those out real easy. I've got one bad wheel axle bushing that needs to be replaced. Problem is that I can't see how the axle comes apart to get it out through the bushings.

Anyone out there have one of these machines that has taken the axle apart before?

I took a roll pin and small bolt out that went thru the shaft. Took the chain wheel off and took the differential housing apart (full of dust/rust ). Bevel gears on each shaft half won't come off. Maybe they are rusted on I don't know. But, what I've taken apart so far and how it came apart has me convinced that this is NOT the way it was originally put together or intended to come apart. Been looking at JD parts diagram and get no real help there.

Maybe a fresh look on another day will let me see what I'm missing. Any ideas?