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    Default Re: Remove snow drifts - blower or plow?

    Quote Originally Posted by snowjoker View Post
    A snow fence placed at least 50-75 feet behind your major drifting areas will be the cheapest defense in helping the drift problems. Another thing is, when the wind blows KEEP UP with the drifting by plowing it , don't let it get ahead of you ! A blower will definitely help at times, but a front mounted blade on your loader will help big time when your plowing. If you lack room to put the snow... Get the blower. If you can push it way off the driveway.. get a plow..
    Snow fences build out of snow work great i plowed snow for 35 years on gravel roads with a cat. motorgrader. After a few winds they stop working and you have to go back and ridge them back up.

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    Default Re: Remove snow drifts - blower or plow?

    I maintain the road to our cottage which follows around the edge of the farmers field. Every snowflake will blow into this road if the wind is right. My rear Pronovost blower will handle it without problem. Sometimes I need to take the top off the drifts with the first pass and then go at it again to get the rest. My neighbors F350 diesel with plow could not keep the road open. He only made hard mounds of snow for me to remove with my blower. Plowing snow is much quicker than blowing snow but if the snow is deep, nothing is better than a blower .Remove snow drifts - blower or plow?-p2030288-jpg Just a picture of how high the snow drifts can get.

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