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    Default Re: Boss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter

    No but where would I go to get one?? Also what would I do with the loader arms so there not in the way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electro View Post
    No but where would I go to get one?? Also what would I do with the loader arms so there not in the way?
    You would have to make a custom bracket yourself or by someone. You can take the arms off. I've seen Boss v-plows frame mounted on tractors and work amazing!
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    Default Re: Boss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter

    Now introducing the first mock up of my Boss Plow Quick Attach Adapter 2.0

    Basically I've plumbed the cylinders into the loader valve and removed the Boss light tower and 12v hydraulics. FYI, the tower simply detaches by removing 2 pins.

    To further shorten the attachment, I've flipped the Boss push beam and mounted it to the rear of the quick attach plate and trimmed it to fit.

    What was the push beam is now connected to the plow A-frame with brackets made from 1/2 inch steel and one-inch grade 8 bolts. Aside from the push beam, no modification has been made to any of the Boss parts. I also welded in some scrap 3/8 angle angle iron for extra rigidity.

    Tabs cut off the push beam were welded to the QA plate to hang the chain. A top-link could replace the chain if need be for down pressure, but I think I'll be happy just hanging the blade off the chain.

    Boss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter-20151105_073919-medium-jpgBoss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter-20151105_073952-medium-jpgBoss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter-20151105_074501-medium-jpgBoss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter-20151105_074617-medium-jpgBoss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter-20151105_074647-medium-jpgBoss Plow Quick-Attach Adapter-20151105_074803-medium-jpg

    The only further work I plan to do is cap off where the square tubing was cut, and then paint.

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