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    Default Re: Plowing Snow Over Gravel in Spring

    [QUOTE=jimmysisson;3241717]Someone on TBN suggested this: when the snow has ceased, drag the piles with the embedded gravel back to the edge of the "paving" so there's less on the lawn. This has worked for me. I use the bix i keep on all winter. (No power broom nor the back to run one.) Yessir , scoop it up and spread back on the driveway . These nice sunny days it melts quickly and the rock is back in the drive .

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    Default Re: Plowing Snow Over Gravel in Spring

    Interesting...I had shoveled some of the graveled snow back onto the drive but I hadn't thought of moving the whole pile with the tractor. The only issue would be tearing up the muddy ground, but if you can do it during a cold front when the ground is solid, that might just work around here.

    The supervisor is Kita, she's a good rescued dog we got a few years back. She loves to go for truck and tractor rides, if I'm outside she's usually outside.

    Interesting point about money and asphalt, if you've heard of Prout's Neck, its a gated seasonal community in Scarborough, ME where all the rich people from out of state have ocean front homes. George Bush, for instance, went to a GOP fundraiser there at the Black Point Inn a few years back and craftily avoided all the protestors who had lined up on the access road by boating in from Kennebunkport. Anyway, if you get a chance to walk through that neighborhood it is all gravel roads and gravel and crushed rock drives. To be honest, the roads need some box bladeing and grading work from what I saw this spring. I pointed out there was no asphalt anywhere to my wife and her thought was the rich people must enjoy taking their vacations in a more rural setting and the gravel was just part of the ambiance. Hmmm.....

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