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    Wink Re: still shopping for a 3pt snow blower.... Is Lorenz a good snowblower?

    Quote Originally Posted by jvolock View Post
    Leonz.... i guess you missed the part about having 2 kids in College....
    my banker is already a good friend who I make direct deposits to weekly.
    Appreciate the advice.

    I did not overlook what you said; using the banks capital to extend your
    own working capital is simply business as usual when purchasing high
    first cost value goods.

    You may find the Lorenz blowers more expensive than the Pronovost units
    in that size. You should give Ken sweet a call and see if he has any
    Allied/Farm king snow blowers in stock as he is a TBN forum sponsor in
    good standing.

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    Default Re: still shopping for a 3pt snow blower.... Is Lorenz a good snowblower?

    Lorenz, thats for the advice. I had previously written to KEn on the Buhler/Farmking blower and got a price. Being relatively new at owning a tractor I'm still trying to feel my way through things and many times ask alot of dumb questions but the responses I get, whether helpful and making light of my comments helps me learn. In fact, I've just asked Ken about pricing a Lorenz 38 series for me to see what the price difference is and whether I can squeeze it into my budget, if not now down the road and I'll have a ballpark idea on cost.

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    Default Re: still shopping for a 3pt snow blower.... Is Lorenz a good snowblower?

    I'm in the same boat right now and I am dealing on a FarmKing 84" blower (I also know the FarmkKing rep for our area). I have several other Buhler/FarmKing implements, and know others who do also. I am satisfied with their level of quality and am confident it will be good for me, as a non-commercial user. I agree with previous posts as to the "go wider than your tractor" line of thinking. I'm currently using a 47" blower and had 60" of snow banked along the driveway this winter. I am sure I will have some neighbors who will help me to defray the cost of my new rig next winter when they see what it can do. That will help my daughter's college fund!

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    Default Re: still shopping for a 3pt snow blower.... Is Lorenz a good snowblower?

    I've been very happy with my 7' Lorenz 3 point blower. It is built very heavy, rated for 100 hp, and has twin augers, which are actually more like paddles than a typical auger. It will blow everything from powder to heavy, wet slush, and I've never had the chute plug up. I have the hydraulic chute rotation also. This blower will even cut through hard packed frozen snow banks with ease, and I've never had an issue moving the heavy snow that slides off my barn roof. I have yet to even shear a pin on it, although my tractor is only half the rated hp the blower will handle. It is heavy, though, at around 1200#, and I wouldn't use it without the front end loader or weights for balance. I picked it up used on ebay a few years back for around $2k, and the paint was barely worn on the augers, so I feel I got a good deal. You should be able to find something reasonably priced this time of year. Good luck!
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    Default Re: still shopping for a 3pt snow blower.... Is Lorenz a good snowblower?

    Quote Originally Posted by jvolock View Post
    almost bought a 72" Buhler/Farmking blower earlier this winter but at the last second decided to hold off. I'm looking at a Lorenz 38 series but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on both of these units and what I should expect to pay. I'm also hoping that a dealer has a couple of these units on their yard that they might be willing to sell for a discount rather than carry the unit through the summe
    Lorenz blowers are the best there is. You could chew through a car with one - the dual blender blade augers are just plain nasty. I was seconds away from scoring a 7' one myself on CL for $2500, but lost it. I ended up getting a 6' Econor with hydraulic chute controls for $1300, which was a steal, for the back of my L4200 (45HP). I think you should have a blower that is at least 5-6" wider than your wheels on each side, so you'll want a 7' blower for sure.

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