I have a Kioti CK20HST TLB; perfect size and versatility for a couple of acres and an obsessive landscaper. Still trying to work out a cheap/easy bucket extension to hold a yard of chips per bite, but that's another story...

As people here have said, a small loader is not ideal for snow. But I don't have the spare cash for a tractor-mount blower, and also need the loader since plows dump chunks of road paving in the driveway-end mountains - these would probably jam or break any blower. So I get by with the loader.

Scrape damage is a problem. I tried cobbling up a pair of steel wheels and clamping them to the loader sides. This let me adjust ground clearance by tilting the blade. (Will post pix, if anyone wants.) But I used 2" wide wheels, so they tend to ride up instead of cutting down to pavement.

I'm now thinking about skid pads (skid shoes), those mushroom-shaped jobs. I could mount them in two of the bolt-holes drilled for a toothbar. Before spending $50-80, does anyone know if they work on a relatively light, small loader blade? Will they twist the steel plate? Will I be able to get the blade to bite down to near-surface level by tilting?

Thanks for advice-