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    Default Beefy vs Skimpy T5C's

    I notice a big difference between terramites, and I think these factors are often overlooked when judgement is passed on a terramite.

    Skimpy T5cs- There is a rental shop who rents a T5c by me and theirs is a skimpy T5c. Not only the Add-ons- but the Digging Arm Thickness itself. Like their machine is a slimmed down skimpy one. I rented it, It's light and has a hard time on dense gravel ground, etc..

    Beefy Ones- I own a 1996 Terramite with the 18 briggs engine. The engine died so I replaced it with a 25hp Kohler. Compared to the rental store, mine is BEEFY and BIG.. I have all the optional Add-ons like 31' Floatation Tires, Urethane Foam Filled tires for weight, Thumb, Loader Side Spikes, etc. And the Frame itself, along with the Digging Arms and all are much beefier and bigger than the rental shop one.

    I have no idea how the new ones handle of today, I know they look different..

    When you hear a review for a terramite, keep in mind that there are several different terramites of different proportions and abilities out there.

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    Default Re: Beefy vs Skimpy T5C's

    Quote Originally Posted by Travis5218 View Post
    As some of you know I work in the parts department at Terramite. With that being said, the T5C had never been "skimpy" or "beefy" structurally thr machine has remained unchanged since 1980 for the most part. There was a spindle and front end update in 1996 and then again in 2003 but fairly unchanged, especially in gauge of steel.

    The main difference yoi speak of being the optional high flotation (wider) tires.
    You may be right- but the wife and I agree we seen the differences between the rental store terramite any my 1996 one.

    Next time I am in the area, I will try to take pics and update this thread with comparative pics.

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    Default Re: Beefy vs Skimpy T5C's

    There is a T5C and a T5D. The T5D is a stouter looking machine that later became the T7.

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