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    Default terramite paint

    I am currently preparing to re-paint my 1997 t5c and was wondering if anyone would have any info on paint color match. I have found out that the paint is a ppg with a code 83667. I researched this out and found that this code is a special order yellow color used on 1994 porches. My question is if there is anyone out there that has found a paint that is close to this color and is easily available in both gallons/quarts as well as touch up (spray cans). The reason that I want to go this route is that as we all know you cant do work without getting some scratches and rust. If you can initially paint your unit with bulk paint then maintain it by using canned spray paint that is easily available at your local store then your t5c will always look good!!!!

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    Welcome! I am still working out the maintenance issues (as in lack of maintenance) on mine, so I have not thought about repainting yet.
    That is a good idea about trying to find a paint that can be backed up with the ability to use spray cans to touch up. If you end up finding this info on your own, please share it here! Good luck and again Welcome!

    (On most tractors I paint, I have my local NAPA store shoot a picture of a part to give me the closest match and I have them mix the paint. But i sure like the idea of having a spray can available as a touch up!)

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