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    After looking at several online suppliers for clamp on bucket forks, I came across Yankee Workshop. They make several options including both clamp on and chain on bucket forks. I chose the chain on variety in the hopes of distributing the lifting forces across more of the bucket structure. While researching the company, I noticed that they are actually made about 45 minutes from my home. After calling the company, I made arrangements to stop and pick up the forks personally. The company consists of a father and son team that weld the components themselves. I was impressed by the fact that he said they make every attempt to use North American steel for the bars. A quick look found a USA stamp on one of the forks.

    Terramite Bucket Forksd-img_0902-jpg

    Terramite Bucket Forksd-img_0898-jpg

    The forks are 48" long and include a socket for installing a 2x4 upright to prevent kickback. They are made of 2" square tubing with about a 3/16" wall thickness.

    Terramite Bucket Forksd-img_0905-jpg

    Overall, they installed easily and are more than strong enough for the capabilities of most front end loaders. I used them around my property to move some felled trees and limb piles. I don't know why I didn't get these things sooner! So much easier. And the compact size makes them easy to store.

    In short, a quality product made by good people at a reasonable price from domestic components. What's not to like?

    Terra Joe
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    I had a chain on set years ago on a MF 255 to move round bales. They worked well, don't know who made them but I like that design.

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    Cool...good to know ..

    working for my father's company I know the importance of buying local..
    I'll go to them when I'm read to buy a set for my t5c..

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    I just bought a set of these forks from titan. They are the light duty forks rated for 1200#. They are built very well. They clamp on and also have slots so you can chain them on for extra heavy lifting. They also have brackets to put boards in for roll back protection. I also got the set with the stabilizer bar, which I think is a must for clamp on forks. I tried them tonight to move some large logs and they worked Great. A Good Deal for $169.00 Shipped.Terramite Bucket Forksd-019-jpgTerramite Bucket Forksd-022-jpgTerramite Bucket Forksd-021-jpg

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