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    Default Worn pins

    Well we finally got the swing cylinders off; had to take the axle off and drive them out. One cylinder rebuilt; the other on order.
    A couple of the pins on the boom are pretty worn; from what I've seen, I'd expect them to be pricey from the company. Are these
    obtainable elsewhere? I suppose those end brackets that hold the pins in place would have to be welded on, or can the whole thing
    be bought as is? Anybody have any idea what I should expect to pay?

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    Default Re: Worn pins

    I bought a new pin for the boom on mine last year. If I remember correctly it was around $75.00 with shipping and handling. The shipping and handling charge was $22.00 I read that terramite has dropped the handling charge now so they should be a little cheaper. The pins are hardened Steel so that makes them pricey.

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    Default Re: Worn pins

    I'm replacing a bucket pin on the T5C with what's commonly referred to as 'stress-proof' steel, and what my supplier says is the most popular for this sort of thing nowadays. I guess the finishing process includes a final forming that renders the surface smooth, slightly hard, and uniform size/roundness. (like DOM tubing?) It machines well, but I'm told it doesn't weld for sour hen crap, so I'm ready to thread/tap the pin & bolt on a new end tab to hold it in place.

    The usual 'caution' when selecting an alloy for this is that if a pin is of 'harder' mat'l that its bore(s) eventual wear will be on what's more difficult to deal with (rebore & bush vs using 'sacrificial' wear components). Perhaps your metal supplier will also give you a recommendation based on recent traffic. (Always good to chat-up the guys beyond just what size is needed. ) My SP bar is 1 1/4" x 9", feels as smooth as TGP, and was was <$20 IIRC. Good luck! .. and let us know what you come up with.

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