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    Default T5C vs T5B

    Hi, folks. I've been shopping for a good used T5C in NJ (budget is $7,000 or less). Right now, I have a line on an older T5C in PA with the Kohler and about 1800 hours for about $5k. Owner says there are a few minor cylinder weeps, and he believes the engine will need rings in the next few hundred hours (he is apparently getting some pops when he shuts down), otherwise he claims the machine runs strong and is in good operating condition. I haven't yet made the (long) drive to check it out. I have found an ad for a T5B locally for about the same price. I have researched and rented the T5C, and I'm comfortable I know what to look for. Can someone quickly run down the differences between T5C and T5B, and anything different that I should be careful about in examining the latter model? Additional information - the land where I plan to use the machine has some steep grades. A rented T5C climbed those grades fairly handily, but if there is a drive train or other difference between the two models that would impact this capability, I'd particularly like to know about that. Thanks!


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    Default Re: T5C vs T5B

    The B and C are very similar. I don't own either so I cant give you exact differences. I would guess that the C is just an updated B, probably a little more power and few little differences here and there. I would go with the newest model wich is the C, just for parts availability. The company does not make a lot of parts for the older stuff anymore. Not sure wich motor the C has in it but if it is the kohler 20 the carb has a slow speed enrichment jet that will cause the motor to backfire when it is shut down if the throttle is not open more than 1/4 way. I have the T5D and it has the kohler 20 and will backfire when shut down if the throttle is at idle or a little above. Setting throttle past 1/4 way on shutdown bypasses the low speed jet and the motor will shut off with no backfire every time. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but maybe some one with more knowledge of the two will chime in.

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