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    Terramite t3-15

    Default Terramite T3-15 rebuild

    Well i have a few posts about the project but i wanted to put up a before and after to the best of my ability. I didn't document everything i should have. but here are some Pics. Enjoy.

    The day i brought it home. I rigged that seat because it didn't have one.

    current picture. nearly finished the rebuild.

    I took it apart , down to the frame. replaced all the hoses and rebuilt some cylinders. 2 needed new rods, that was teh worst of it for the hydraulics. I'll be cycling the fluid to get any left over water, one of the rods was bad enough that it let water seap into the hydraulics.

    All new tires, a lot of scraping and grinding and painting.

    I still need to remodel the grill and the hood then i should be done for a while.

    I"ve got more pictures but I think this is pretty good. Thanks for looking.
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    Default Re: Terramite T3-15 rebuild

    I'm here cause didn't know what a Terramite is, but now after you applied some much needed car wax, looks like a neat little tractor. Nice pic, we all love pictures, for me it's easier to reading, it's like I'm reading a 1000 words with one picture.
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