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    Default fix a flat tire sealer

    Hi all I had a flat tire out in the woods put tire fix a flat in it and it filled the tire well but has anybody used this and is it ok too leave in tractor tire or will it damage the rim or tire it is not leakig now also howabout that green slime stuff they use in tires for future puntures thanks for any info

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    Default Re: fix a flat tire sealer

    I was getting flats regularly in my lawn tractor tires from the multiflora and locust thorns. Used the green slime stuff and haven't had a flat in 2 years. My tractor tires are filled with methanol/water so no green slime - but they have more plies so I haven't yet had a leak on the tractor.

    As I recall from reading a can of fix-a-flat, it should not be left in the tire indefinitely. I used fix-a-flat on my wheelbarrow once and now the tire is shot (decayed). I don't know if that's from the fix-a-flat or natural outside storage aging.

    Also, fix-a-flat propellant is flammable so be sure to tell the tire guy if/when you take it in for a fix.

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