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    Default How do you put your tire chains on ?

    My chains are here, probably wont see any more snow this season.
    I have ladder chains from Tire chains .com. I put them on this morning (never had to put chains on before) I placed them on the ground and drove on to them and lifted them up onto the tire. would it be easier to put them on from the top first or drive on to them? Also the chains maybe a little to big as one cross section overlapped the other end. Not going to cut just yet, making sure I have them on right first. I also got the spring tensioner, After tightening everything the still seem a little loose. Any suggestion would be appreciated as I never had to install chains before.

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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    I drove onto mine and wrapped them up both sides - not exactly even, but so there was enough length to wrap the front half up just over the top. Worked fine. Regarding tightness, some on here say they like to tighten them up so there's no slack, but I left just a bit of slack in mine. Not like they're flinging around, but it just seems that the chains need a bit of movement in them to make them more effective. I don't use tensioners at all, haven't needed them and they work great as is.
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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    lay them out as flat as possible and drive on, bring the ends together and hook. Then use rope or bungy on outside to help with slack. Never used tensioners $$$ can be spent on other stuff instead.

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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    I have turf tires and leave mine on all year, but when I put them on initially, I lifted the rear with a rolling floor jack and put them on from the top. For me it is easier to get them tight if the weight of the tractor is not on a section of the chain.

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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    your installation sounds fine. don't tighten too much on ag tires. they need to flop a little to stay outside on the tread bars. too tight and they will drop in between the bars and stay there, adding no traction.

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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    I jack the wheel up, put the chain on from the top, then roll the tire around until I can get the chains all even across the tire, then I tighten them up. It works for me.
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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    It sounds like you and I have the same set up. I jacked the rear up and pulled them up and over. The things weigh 75 pounds, it was work. On the tensioner, I used a ratched strap to pull on them to get the tension I wanted.

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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    I lay my chains out flat with the road surface side up. I get a piece of light rope like chainsaw starter rope about 8 or 10 feet log and tie the ends of the rope to the chains about tire width apart. Tie it on like a sled pull rope.
    Pull the rope up on the tire and hook it on some of the lugs.
    Drive forward slowly - the chains climb up the tire. Stop once in awhile to
    straighten them out. Keep driving forward until the slack end of the chains is hanging down on the back of the tire. The start end will be right there
    - everything tight. Just hook them together and remove the rope.
    Much easier to do it than write about it.
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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    Gordon types faster than I do. I use the method I read about right here on TBN. I line the chains up and run a rope or bungee cord through the rim and pull the chain up tight to the tire. the rope hold the chain the chain in place tight up against tire, then drive the tractor forward pulling the chain up and over the tire. When the chain comes back around hook the ends together shift the chains around a bit and bungee cord the slack. This has been the slickest way to install the heavy field chains on.

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    Default Re: How do you put your tire chains on ?

    A friend of mine helped me put them on for the first time this year.
    He layed the chains (one at a time)behind the tractor tire spreaded out, with the traction part of the chain up . Took a sm. chain with a hook ( could use rope) on each side of it ,put it though the hole in the tractor rim and hooked to both ends of the out side chain. Moved tractor slowly forward while pulling and spreading out the chain on the tire ,as it is being pulled up on the tire.When the other end comes around ,hook the inside first , then take the sm. chain out of the hole in the rim . He had a chain tightener ,which helped. Seem to work good and didn't need to try and hold both ends at once.

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