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    Default tire size

    Here one my kubota dealer recently delivered my B2410 with rear tire size smaller than the spec size which is 11.1x16 I have 9.5x16. What tire make and modle arrive on the Kubota B2410 from dealers. Have used for 18 hours so far when flat tire caused this discovery.

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    Default Re: tire size

    Have fun on the new Tractor.

    Whoops! I mean be hard working and productive on that new tool! IT IS NOT A TOY! I don't know what makes the better halves in our lives perceive these hard working tools that tire us out so much as toys!

    But on to your question...The size of the tire might be due to the type of tire. My B2910 takes a wider turff than ag or R4.

    My R4s are 12.4-16, but had I gotton turf tires they would have been 13.6-16.

    If you are thinking turff, but actually have one of the others, this may be the reason. Check your owners' manual. Tire options are listed in the back of mine.

    Happy tractoring!

    Bill in Pgh, PA

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    Default Re: tire size

    There are two sets of Ag tires available for the B2410HSD. It sounds like you have the optional tires on your tractor.
    standard: ABR8707 7 - 12 Ag fronts
    ABR8769 11.2 -16-12 Ag rears
    optional: BR8701 6 - 12 fronts
    ABR8755(A) 9.5-16-12 rears
    If you have a B2410HSE (2WD), there is only one standard set of Ag tires available: BR8722 6.5 - 10 Ag fronts
    ABR8769 11.2-16 Ag rears.
    Hopes this helps.

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