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    Default tire sealant pump

    I tried Gempler's tire sealer. Bought the gallon jugs that came with manual plastic pump. After pumping 1/2 of gallon into tires the pump locks and I can't infuse any more of the stuff. Tried all 3 pumps and all locked. What am I doing wrong?

    Another question. How do refill a rear tire when the bead has come off the rim when deflated?



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    Default Re: tire sealant pump

    I'm not familiar with the pump you're using, but when I put antifreeze into the rears on my tractor, I had to stop occasionally and tap some air from the tire. I started with fully-deflated tires. Pressure would build as I added antifreeze. Had to let 'em fart some along the way.

    I have reseated tires by wrapping a ratchet tiedown around the tire and cranking it to get the beads to the rim. Be ready to stop the air and remove the strap when the beads seat. You could likely impose a bunch of stress on the strap if you pumped the sucker to 50#...........chim

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    Default Re: tire sealant pump

    If Gempler sealer has little chunks in it, like the stuf I use, you have to blow the pump out backwards with compressed air.
    Tire sealer works really well to seal up the pumps & valve stems.

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