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    Default Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    I recently purchased a used Kubota B-2400 4x4 with turf tires. I would like something with a little more aggressive tread without having to change my rims. Goodyear makes an off-road truck tire with the same numbers as my turf tires (33,12.50,15) but, I fear the extra tread might still interefere with the 4x4 syncronization. Will this matter?

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    Default Re: Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    Best make sure the circumfrence of the old tires are in the same ratio as the new tires.


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    Default Re: Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    I tried 3 different tire sizes before I got the correct match.
    Tire manufacturers numbers aren't necessarily correct, especially at the pressures tractors run.

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    Default Re: Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    Perhaps I should have asked if anyone has replaced their B-2400 turf tires with a more aggressive tread, using the same rims- and if so, what brand of tire did you use? How would I know if I had the incorrect size with relation to the 4x4?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    I use mud and snow tires on mine and I prefer them to the orginals. Steering is much better when using the fel.

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    Default Re: Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    As long as you ratio match, you should be ok. While trying to find out if I could run turfs on the fron of my B8200 while running new R4's on the back, I found that even with the Kubota recomended sizes, there was up to 1" or more of overall diameter between various tire types that supposedly were all ratio matched for the tractor.

    I found Goodyear and Firestone had good info on tractor tires. And truck tires...

    What I found is the rear rims for turf tires are too wide for Ag or R4 tires. They seemed to run about 2" too wide. So, if you mount an R4 on your "Turf rim", the side walls will be straight up and down, instead of having the usual bulge in the side.

    Having run 33-12.50's on Jeeps with both 8" and 10" rims. the 10 rims seemd better for flotation, but had less rim protection. The 8" rims had more sidewall bulge, which seemed to help on rocky trails. It protected the rim bead, and gave the tire more side wall and side tread to grip with.

    I got new R4's on new rims, so I could keep a spare set of tires and rims. I can switch to turfs if I can not use a more agressive tread. I plan to switch to R4 on the front as soon as $$$ present themselves. For your B2400, you use same tire and rim size as me. Expect ~$700+ for a pair of R4 on rims from the dealer.

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    Default Re: Can I use a truck tire on my Kubota?

    Thanks for your informative answer. Yes, it would be nice to have the $$$ to keep a set of 4- R4's with separate rims. However, for now, I found a pair of Goodyear truck tires that seem to fit just fine.

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