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    Default Correct Tire Pressure

    I have a Ford 1520 3-cyl Diesel. My front tires have the stated psi, no worries. However, the rear tractor tires don't seem to have spec's anywhere on them.

    The tires are Firestone F151A, but I can't find the correct psi listed

    Help anyone ??? My family are all machinists and incredribly mechanically inclined, but I got the music gene and live here in Nashville metro now.

    The last thing I want to do is call them for help, I've taken enough ridicule over the years !!!

    Thanks for the help.


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    Default Re: Correct Tire Pressure

    I don't own that model, but I'll for the fronts whats printed on the tire is most likely the maximum. It's what you would want with a front end loader. If you do not have a loader you will want less pressure. For the rears try 14-16 psi. Fronts 20-24 psi.

    Someone with your model will be better able to give correct pressures.
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