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    Default Repairing a gash in a tire

    Hey Guys,
    I have about a 3" gash on the inside wall of my left rear tire on my backhoe. It almost forms a 'flap' from the gash, in other words, I can stick my finger in there and actually lift out the 'flap' that was formed from the gash, not very much, but I can. The tire has been like this for a couple years now, but I haven't used the backhoe in the woods during that time. I'll be using it to clear some land and it will see a lot of woods work, it doesn't leak at this time, but I imagine after some hard work in the woods it may.

    Is there a way to repair the rubber gash in my tire? I was thinking of putting a bunch of 2 part epoxy in there and seeing if it held up, sounds like sort of a dumb idea but then again, I'm full of those!

    Any ideas on how to repair it?

    (Sorry, no pic of the actual tire damage)
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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    You probably need to use a "boot" adhered to the inner tire surface. THey make belted boots for this purpose that are relatively cheap. Check out these and other tire products at Gemplers. Make sure you use a boot made for rough service, not a passenger tire boot. A repair shop that speciallizes in truck tires may be able to help. The tire can also be repaired with an industrial vulcanized repair, but this is expensive and I have not found anyone around here that does that process. I good belted boot on the inside and maybe a tube should hold up.

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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    I take it that it's not causing a leak of any kind and you're just worried about the loose flap catching on something and causing more damage (like a hangnail). To just stick it back down I'd clean it good with alcohol and use some of the brush on vulcanizing compound they put patches on with. Hold the edges down with some short (.375" or so) sheet metal screws until it cures. Hopefully that would hold it down and flex better than the epoxy.

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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    Epoxy will crack.

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    Call a recapper. They should be able to fix it so the flap is 'cemented' down.

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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    Yep, dont use the epoxy. The tire will flex and the epoxy wont, so it wont help.

    As mentinoed, a good rubber cement like tire repair kits use. Its cheap and works good on rubber.

    Since it isnt causing a leak, and it is just to prevent further damage, Once you pump that crack full of rubber cement and let it cure, I'd probabally put a patch over the outside too. Just an extra measure to make sure nothing pokes through the soft spot in the tire.
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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    happened to mine ..brought to a tire place that vulcanized it...just like brand new..$35.00..has to be a tire place that retreads tires

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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    I put a 2" gash in one of my front tires.

    I put a large tractor patch on the inside and its still holding 2 years later.

    You can also put a patch on the inside then use an intertube.
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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    Quote Originally Posted by ihuntbear View Post
    happened to mine ..brought to a tire place that vulcanized it...just like brand new..$35.00..has to be a tire place that retreads tires
    I have also used this process with good results. I don't beleive the guys that done mine also recap, but I could be wrong.

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    Default Re: Repairing a gash in a tire

    Look for a shop that can vulcanise or do tire resections. They need special equipment for the repair.
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