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    Default Tire Chains, Front Tire, John Deere x749 Tractor

    I just bought this tractor. Since it is new, I cannot comment on its performance. I can write a novel, however, about trying to get some tire chains on the front wheels of this tractor.
    It all started by asking the local John Deere dealer for the chains at the time of purchase.
    The first response I got from the dealer was that for my purposes (150 ft driveway) I did not need them. I replied that having plowed that driveway in the middle of the winter for 30 years, I am very familiar with snow conditions in Mt. Shasta. I am also, like every normal human being, familiar with the fact, that rubber tires, without chains, slide on ice. Therefore, I pressed on with my quest.
    My second response from the dealer was that placing chains on the front tire might void the warranty. That also did not discourage me. I was not not spending $16000 for a tractor that would slide when the going would get rough.
    Than I ordered chains from Vulcan Tire. That was a mistake. The tires chains were too wide. I called. The receptionists had no technical knowledge. Their sales staff, which is supposed to be highly skilled, makes it a point to not answer your questions directly, including those placed through E-Mail, (in communications they call this "bypassing").
    Therefore, as of today, 5 weeks after first discussing this item, I am still without chains for the front tires of my tractor. How do I hope to finally solve my problem? I will hire a truck driver who will come with a bolt cutter and who will remove the excess cross links from the chain to assure a proper fit. Hurray for John Deere and more than 60 years of American ingenuity!?

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    Default Re: Tire Chains, Front Tire, John Deere x749 Tractor

    What do you mean "Too wide" Didn't you research your tractors requirements and order the correct width chain? That width is the distance from the middle of the sidewall more or less up over the tread of the tire and down to the middle of the side wall on the other side. They don't make as many chain sizes as they do tire sizes so some chains fit closer to the rim then others but to function properly about middle of the side wall is best. And now to the length problem?
    That isn't a problem.
    Again there are more tire sizes then there are chain sizes. They ship chains to fit the larges diameter tire that width fits on. If your tires are smaller but still use that width cross chain then all you have to do is cut off the excess length. Be sure to cut it off the end opposite the latch hooks.

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    Default Re: Tire Chains, Front Tire, John Deere x749 Tractor

    I know your feeling. I had the same problem with my previous tractor. One of the salesmen could not understand the need for front chain. When there is heavy snow, the tractor just want to keep going into a strait line. With the added studded chain, the front snow blower became a pure bliss. Almost a 4X4! The solution came from a guy who makes custom chain for ATV. I am sure the same type of product is available in USA! Better try an ATV dealer ship for your tire size.

    Good Luck, you will love your JD with front chain!

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    Default Re: Tire Chains, Front Tire, John Deere x749 Tractor

    After one year of ownership I've logged 67.2 hours.

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    Default Re: Tire Chains, Front Tire, John Deere x749 Tractor

    Post your front and rear tire sizes.

    Correct size tire chains will almost certainly be available on eBay.

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