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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    Be sure not to pound on the end of the axle. If you mushroom it a thousandth of an inch, it's on there for the duration.
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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    You start beating on those rims , you will fu$$ that trans up .

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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    After looking at the parts book and saw that the axle was indeed attached to the transmission inside the housing, I'm backing off the hammering...So when the weather gets a little warmer here, I'm going the pry bar route. ..Plan "B" is to cut it off, buy a new tire and tube and try to put it back on the rim....Plan "C" ....haven't a clue...

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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    only suggestions :

    if you use the pry bar method, you must tap on the back side of the rim (180 opposite the pry point) to help wiggle the rim off.

    have you tried a piece of 2x4 tucked under from the opposite side of the tractor and put up against the back side of the stuck rim... pound on the 2x4 to push the rim off... rotate the tire a bit and pound again... repeat as necessary.

    if you must pound on the axle from the front, use a piece of aluminum stock or brass stock between the hammer and the axle... the softer metal transfers the "blow" to the axle, but it deforms instead of mushrooming the axle.

    these methods have worked for some, but you must decide how much force you want to apply and are comfortable with.

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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    Quote Originally Posted by LoBul View Post
    ..Plan "B" is to cut it off, buy a new tire and tube and try to put it back on the rim....Plan "C" ....haven't a clue...
    On my Kubota G1800, the tires I cut off and replaced right on the mower were front tires. Those little dickens's were tough to get back on the rim because of the rim spinning on the axle. There was no good way to hold it. Breaking the bead was fairly easy using a big C-clamp to squeeze the tire to the middle of the rim.

    On rear tires, you can put a wrench (pipe wrench or visegrip pliers) on the rear axle to keep the wheel from spinning. Breaking the tire down off the bead while it is vertical will be the challenge. Large clamps like c-clamps and pipe clamps can really help. Since you may have to cut the tire off, you can cut a hole in the sidewall and then cut the bead for an easy removal. Why try to preserve a tire you are replacing? I really think cutting and then careful reinstallation will be your least hassle. Once the tires are mounted, having a tight fit to the axle is a good thing.

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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    most tire guys who come put tires on our equipment never take the rim off the equipment.... they soap it down and pop it off with tire irons.

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    Default Re: Removing real tire

    Cant you drill a few holes in the rim center/hub and use bolts to make a puller. You could apply a couple thousand pounds pull that way.
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