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    Default Tire chain damage to tractor?

    I'm thinking of buying rear tire chains for my Case DX35 before next winter. My brother-in-law brought up something I never thought of, even after having chains break on work trucks before. He thought in the event of a cross link breakage it would fly around and damage the rear fender. With the narrow clearance between tire and fender it is possible. The thing is with chains I'm not going to be going max speed. Has this ever happened to anyone?

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    Neighbor of mine did not have a chain break but although his chains were tight, one picked up a stick that came around and whopped him on the head last week. Fortunately he was wearing a hard hat so he only ended up with a bruised shoulder and some sheet metal damage.
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    Default Re: Tire chain damage to tractor?

    Look under your fenders for anything that the chains could catch on. Parts of the fender brackets, bolts, anything that those chains can catch on have the potential to make a terrible mess. I wouldn't talk anyone out of putting chains on their tractor. But you definitely want to consider anything that they could get stuck on before using them.

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    Default Re: Tire chain damage to tractor?

    Many tractors have the option of setting the rear tread wider which gives more clearance from the vertical face of the fender. Also check that any hoses running from rear remotes to front loaders etc. are tucked out of the way safely.

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    Default Re: Tire chain damage to tractor?

    Probably more of a chance of slipping down an icy embankment and tipping over due to not running chains..... just say'n.

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    Default Re: Tire chain damage to tractor?

    I agree whole-heartedly with unbidden, in that if you need chains for traction and safety I would say just do your best to widen the wheels as much as you can for sidewall to fender clearance, and keep the chains tight enough so they stay as close to the tire and away from the fender as possible. If you use good quality chains, I think the chances of them breaking are slight, and you're not going fast like on a road vehicle, anyway.
    On snow and ice, chains make a world of difference. I started using our tractor on hilly terrain this winter and quickly found out how important chains are. I wouldn't be without them now.
    If you are concerned about clearance, some chain manufacturers make special low-clearance chains. I think one company is Aquiline. You can find them on the web.

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    Default Re: Tire chain damage to tractor?

    You also have to remember that your BIL's truck was probably doing 30 - 40 mph. You will be doing 5 - 10 mph max.

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    Wheel spacers. I added 2" spacers from Bro-Tec
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